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The F35 lands and takes off from the Queen Elizabeth

(B2) The British Navy's new fighter aircraft, the American-built F-35, successfully landed on the deck of the British Navy's new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth. Royal Navy Commander Nathan Gray and RAF Squadron Leader Andy Edgell were the first pilots to land their F-35 B (1) fighter jets on the new aircraft carrier for the British Navy and took off last Tuesday (September 25). This is the start of a series of around 500 tests which will take place off the east coast of the United States, lasting around 11 weeks, the Royal Navy said on its website on Friday (September 28). The aircraft carrier is then expected to head to New York.
Takeoff of an F35B Lightning II from HMS Queen Elizabeth (credit Royal Navy UK)
A historic event British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson did not have enough words to celebrate what in his eyes constitutes a historic event capable of enhancing the greatness of Great Britain.
« Le premier atterrissage historique sur le pont du HMS Queen Elizabeth est un moment monumental dans la fière histoire militaire de notre pays. Le plus grand navire de guerre de l’histoire britannique s’associe aux avions de combat les plus avancés de la planète. Cela marque une renaissance de notre pouvoir de frapper de manière décisive des mers du monde entier.»
NB: To describe the event as historic is perhaps slightly emphatic. One wonders what a historic event is or if doubts about the F-35 and British military power had fallen to such a level that it was necessary to use such grandiose words to celebrate the event. Big week for the F-35 In any case, a week full of emotions for the new American combat aircraft. Last Thursday (September 27), an F35-B completed its first operational mission in Afghanistan. The next day, Friday (September 28), a device of the same type crashed to the ground in South Carolina, during training, without causing any casualties. The pilot was able to eject in time and was unhurt. (Nicolas Gros-Verheyde with Romain Mielcarek) (1) The “B” version of the F-35 chosen by the Royal Navy (and the American Marines) is characterized by a short takeoff and a vertical landing, which notably allow it to land on the deck of certain aircraft carriers without catapults (only the Americans and the French have the latter).

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