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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions – CSDP (September 2018)

(B2) In the Central African Republic, it is the start of operational training for the amphibious battalion of the Armed Forces (FACA). And a small logistical feat with the reconstruction of the Zinga bridge. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a rapid response military exercise is being conducted by EUFOR Althea.
Kassai (Central Africa). Beginning of operational training for the amphibious battalion
(Credit: NCC)
Since August 27, and over the next three months, EUTM RCA, the training mission of the Central African armed forces (FACA) will train the amphibious battalion at the Kassaï training center. There are 333 FACA soldiers who will benefit from operational training, from fundamentals, to tactical know-how, including the General Staff decision-making process. All to be operational and autonomous. This training follows that of the entire Territorial Infantry Battalion No. 2 (BIT 2). Over the last two years, EUTM RCA has trained more than 3000 personnel. Bangui-Zinga (Central Africa). Zinga Bridge is rebuilt
The Sapeke bridge reassembled in Zinga in the Lobaye region (credit: DICOD / EMA / EUTM RCA)

The Central African engineers of the FACA, the Central African armed forces, rebuilt the Zinga bridge, transferring the Sapeke bridge from Bangui, 170 kilometers further south. This operation was carried out with the support and expertise of French military engineers from the European FACA training mission (EUTM RCA). It was inaugurated on September 22 in the presence of Ministers of Defense Marie-Noëlle Koyara, and of Public Works Ahamed Senoussi of the CAR. This bridge will help the town of Zinga to emerge from isolation, to restore traffic on the Oubangui, in short to develop trade with the DR Congo and the Congo. The operation was possible with the support of the Egyptian detachment of MINUSCA (UN peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic), which lent trucks for the transfer of equipment.

Bosnia and Herzegovina. Realization of rapid response exercise 2018
Turkish troops take part in a crowd control exercise. (EUFOR Althea)
The military stabilization operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR Althea) organized a rapid response exercise (Quick response 2018) by troops from different European states — the 25th Infantry Battalion from Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy — with other forces — Bosnian Army, 3rd British Parachute Regiment and the NATO Tactical Reserve Force in Kosovo (NFTR)… From September 3 to 7, various exercises took place such as the attack on a VIP convoy at the airport, the protection of weapons and ammunition storage sites, crowd control, evacuation of the wounded by helicopter, from buildings, the establishment of security perimeters, notably in Pazaric, Travnik, Kula, Camp Butmir and Sarajevo. (information collected by Amélie Pugnet st.)

(Information collected by Aurélie Pugnet st.)

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