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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions – CSDP (August 2018)

(B2) The anti-piracy operation Atalanta sees its head of the maritime force change, while missions to support internal forces in the Sahel initiate joint training in technical and scientific policing for all G5 Sahel countries. On the European continent, staff of the Ukrainian Parliament are getting acquainted with the ex-post evaluation. And the Czech Prime Minister goes to Rome to the HQ of the EUNAVFOR Med / Sophia operation.

Djibouti. Change of command for EUNAVFOR Atalanta

(Credit: EUNAVFOR)

Vice-Admiral Simone Malvagna, of the Italian Navy, at the head of the command from the HQ of Operation Atalanta since April 2018, gave way to his Spanish counterpart Alfonso Nanclares. The ceremony took place aboard the Italian anti-submarine frigate ITS Carlo Margottini (F-592) Monday August 6. The headquarters of the EU anti-piracy force boarded the Spanish landing shipESPS Castilla (L-52). Expected term of office: four months. NB: remember that the operation HQ will also come under Spanish command in 2019.

Niamey (Niger). Director training PTS G5 Sahel countries

(Credit: EUCAP Sahel Mali)

The directors of technical and scientific police (PTS) of the G5 countries (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger) participated in a training organized by the European capacity support mission (EUCAP Sahel Mali), in partnership with the sister mission established in Niger (EUCAP Sahel Niger), and the regional coordination cell for the G5 countries, based in Mali. This training is the first of its kind. It allowed the learning and exchange of techniques and experiences, as well as making “ the Nigerien internal security forces now fully autonomous in terms of PTS », According to Frank Van der Mueren, head of EUCAP Sahel Niger. The PTS makes it possible to investigate and prosecute criminals, while fighting in particular against terrorism, organized crime, arms and drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

Ukraine. What path to more effective laws

(Credit: EUAM Ukraine)

Legal consultants of the Parliament, representatives of the secretariat and different committees and departments of the Ukrainian Parliament met at the end of August (August 29-30) for training on ex-post evaluation. Delivered by the EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine (EUAM Ukraine), the training aimed to provide tools for evaluating a law on different points: its execution, its evolution, the quality of its decision-making, the achievement of its goals, as well as awareness of Parliament's responsibility . Ex-post evaluation is a tool also used in several European states and which builds on the previous project of impact evaluation in decision-making before drafting legislation.

A Czech official in Rome

(Credit: Operation Sophia)

On a political trip to Rome, Andrej Babis, the Czech Prime Minister, took the opportunity on Tuesday (August 28) to visit the operation's HQ Sophia / EUnavfor Med. A first visit for the Czech leader, while Prague has not yet sent operational resources to the EU anti-trafficking operation. Three officers are nevertheless present at the operation HQ.

(Information collected by Aurélie Pugnet, st.)

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