Maurane, an endearing and committed voice

(B2) Belgian singer Maurane has died, announces the RTBF This morning. She was 57 years old. She was found unconscious in her bed yesterday, Monday (May 7), around 20 p.m., in Schaerbeek, the Brussels commune where she lived. The reasons for death are unknown. A magistrate from the Brussels public prosecutor's office went to his home.

Nothing foreshadowed this death. Maurane (alias Claudine Luypaerts) performed, again, last Sunday (May 6), at the L'iris festival on the Place des Palais with a tribute to Jacques Brel with Zap Mama or Saturday (May 5) at the Palais d 'Egmont for the Night of the Stars for the benefit of the Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Watch the extract from Thomas de Bergeyck from RTL TVI.

After two years of absence, she was slowly recovering, according to her own words. And she was even preparing a new album, a tribute to Jacques Brel, well advanced, according to her last tweet, since 14 models had already been recorded. A first single was to be released during the summer. A tour was even in preparation, for March 2019.

An endearing voice...

Maurane was a formidable, deep, disturbing voice, but also a personality, an endearing person. I had the chance to meet her for Radio France Internationale. She had a simplicity, a frankness rather unusual in this music world. The planned interview had far exceeded the allotted time. But at the same time, we felt a fragility, a sensitivity, a sadness sometimes, which was often expressed in his interpretations. She was also particularly committed. She regularly participated in the Enfoirés concerts for the Restos du coeur from 1996 until 2013, alongside Michel Berger who made her known on the French scene in the second version of Starmania in 1988-1989.


Listen to her ! in a duet with the talented Typh Barrow in La Chanson des Vieux Amants” by Jacques Brel.

…and committed

She explained this commitment by a formula. " Before I always said that I was a loose singer, that I didn't want to be engaged, that it was useless. In fact, when I see how music shakes things up and keeps things moving forward, I think that's all there is to it… go for it. "" When it affects children, people who next to you do not have enough to eat, you cannot remain indifferent. »

She also loathed the warlike atmosphere which too often marks international life. “ Like everyone else, this violence, these squabbles with twenty bullets. I can tell you that Bush I have it in the nose…. » she indicated (at the beginning of 2003 we were in the middle of the Iraqi crisis). " Besides, I don't watch the news too much anymore because I find that these wars are given too much media coverage, that in the end they are given importance. People turn on the TV, realize that they have their little war live. There is a very unhealthy side »

Watch her on May 6, in a video shot with Typh Barrow, who returns to the stage, with pain, humanity but tenacity.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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Photo credit: Twitter Maurane / March 2018

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