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Macron, Merkel, May… faced with Donald Trump's decision (the proof by the image)

(B2) A short overview of the different sites of the Élysée (France), the Chancellery (Germany) and the 10 downing street (United Kingdom), provides visual proof in images of the contrasting reactions that animate the three European countries most involved in the agreement.

Beyond the apparent unanimity of the declaration published by the three parties, we clearly feel a British withdrawal on this issue, which confirms an analysis of the different positions taken by the three countries (Read: The way to Washington of the Europeans. In search of a third way). The form meets the substance...

Overactive, present or discreet, even almost absent

For the Élysée, the subject Iran is the first subject, very visible, with a clearly visible statement from the E3s (in the top, left corner, the most naturally read by the eye), and below the telephone interview of the same day with Donald Trump. Emmanuel Macron is active and intends to show it.

In Germany, the subject 'Iran' is also present, even if it is not highlighted as much. The explanation of the Iranian nuclear issue figures prominently. Even if the illustration of the first leading topic is related to another issue (family reunification), it could almost be an illustrative topic for Iran. Angela Merkel is more discreet but very firm in her positions.

Among the British, Prime Minister Theresa May seems more interested in cybersecurity, the Commonwealth, trade and even Syria. You have to look at the bottom of the column on the right to find the declaration of E3! Theresa May has her mind elsewhere, Brexit obliges, and the site shows it well...

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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