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Athens and Ankara play tag

(B2) The Greek-Turkish saga continues... After Turkey's arrest of the two Greek soldiers who crossed the border by mistake (read: The two Greek soldiers still detained in Turkey. Europe wants a soft solution), the incidents continue between Athens and Ankara at the beginning of May.

Greece, victim of Turkish hackers

The week started in a rather eventful way between the two countries. Turkish hackers first hacked Greek websites (the site of a press agency and the Greek site of Suzuki). They posted messages there accusing Greece of being “ partner with terrorists, supporting members of the treacherous terrorist organization, FETÖ with the Turkish flag in the background.

Message broadcast on the two hacked sites (credit: kathimerini)

Turkish employee sentenced

The week continued with the conviction on Thursday (May 3) by the Orestiada court in Greece of a Turkish employee. The day before (May 2), he had the misfortune of crossing the border by accident aboard an excavator. He was arrested not far from where the two Greek soldiers were also arrested at the beginning of March. The man, aged 38, defends himself by arguing that he was laying a water pipe for the Turkish municipality of Edirne and that he did not hear the warnings of the Greek soldiers, because noise from the machine. However, he was given a five-month suspended prison sentence.

A damaged Greek boat

Finally, on Friday (May 4) morning, an incident occurred in the Aegean Sea between a Greek warship and a Turkish merchant ship. A Turkish merchant ship, the Karmate, collided, off the island of Lesvos in the eastern Aegean Sea, with the Greek high seas patrol vessel Armatolos (P-18) who was participating in a NATO exercise “ Aegean Activity ". The Turkish ship did not deign to respond to calls from the Greek ship, according to Kathimerini, continuing its route towards Turkish territorial waters. According to the Greek navy, the incident caused no injuries or significant damage. The Armatolos was therefore able to continue its mission.

(Claire Boutry, st., with AFP)

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