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Elections 2019. Hamon, Varoufakis launch the first transnational list

(B2 with AFP) Benoît Hamon and his movement Generation-s (1) launched on Saturday from Naples, with other progressive groups, a call to create the “first transnational pan-European list” with a view to next year’s European elections, convinced that there is “an alternative” to austerity.

« We didn't choose Naples by chance » with the mayor of the city Luigi de Magistris, the former Greek Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis and “ all citizens, elected officials, activists from all over Europe to meet for two days and launch an appeal to Europeans in view of the spring 2019 ballot, explained Benoit Hamon in a video message on his page Facebook.

Against austerity

« An appeal which begins by saying that we believe that there is an alternative to current austerity policies, in the face of Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker, in the face of this real right and this false left which claim that There are not any alternatives “, he continued. " We want to embody a European alternative on the ecological question, on the social question, on the question of refugees..

With European cooperation

And to insist on the word “European” in the face of those who “ claim that there is only one national solution to the European crisis. We do not want this solution which unifies the crises. […] We believe in cooperation rather than competition »

A transnational movement with a program

« We have implemented governance of this new European transnational movement which was created today (Saturday) in Naples. We have implemented a program, an agenda and this new movement will project itself forward”, added the former presidential candidate. The groups at the origin of this “Naples call”, which present themselves as progressive, environmentalists or even feminists, intend to rely on a “ manifesto charting a clear path towards a democratic, ecological, egalitarian and ambitious Europe”, according to the text of their common call.

The participants, which should also include representatives of the Polish political party Razem, The Alternative (Denmark) and Livre (Portugal), will present their manifesto by June before a tour of European capitals. The appeal, in English, believes that Europe, left to the establishment, “ will continue to advance like a zombie towards a dead end. But we can do much better, together. The coming years will determine whether the current generation and those to come will view Europe as a source of torpor or a source of promise ».

At the end of January, Hamon and Varoufakis, founders of the European movement Diem 25, explained that even if there will not strictly speaking be transnational lists for the next European elections, it was a question of getting different national lists to work together. These will support a common candidate for the presidency of the EU and the deputies elected under this banner will form a new group in the European Parliament, they indicated.

(with AFP)

(1) including MEPs Isabelle Thomas and Guillaume Balas

photo credit: Generation-s (twitter)

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