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Odessa, new regional position for EUAM Ukraine

The conference on the notion of public order, organized in Kiev in December 2017 (credit: EUAM Ukraine)

(B2) The EU mission to advise the Ukrainian internal security forces (EUAM Ukraine) now has a new regional office, in Odessa, the maritime heart of Ukraine, for both the merchant navy and the military navy (1).

After Lviv and Kharkiv, Odessa

It is the third regional office of the mission (Read: EUAM Ukraine will establish itself in two regions). Officially opened on March 7, it should eventually have around 20 experts, both local and international. The aim is to help the EUAM mission build on partnerships and projects already implemented in the region. The Commander of EU Civilian Missions, Kenneth Deane, was present for the inauguration, accompanied by the Governor of Odessa.

A new regional presence, not so new

Although this office has only just officially opened, EUAM has in fact been present in Odessa for several months already. Thus, since the beginning of 2016, more than 20 training sessions have been given in this region by EUAM. Computer and investigation equipment had also been provided to the police forces. More recently, on January 17 and 18, 2018, two events for civil society and the national police were organized in Odessa. The aim was to address the problem of maintaining public order through dialogue and respect for human rights.

Confidence in the police still mixed

In June 2017, during a interview at B2, Kęstutis Lančinskas, the head of EUAM, underlined the problem of Ukrainians' trust in the police. This importance of restoring this confidence was again underlined in Odessa. " Like all Ukrainians, the people of Odessa want to see a more prosperous and secure future for themselves and their children. It means a future with civilian security sector organizations that people trust and where the rule of law prevails.t” explains Kenneth Deane.


(1) Odessa is also the headquarters of the border assistance mission between Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM Moldova Ukraine)

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