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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions – CSDP (March 2018 bis)

(B2) Here is the latest news on missions and operations deployed under the European Union's Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP)…

Sikasso (Mali). End of the formation of the 8th Military Region

Shooting training exercise (credit: EUTM Mali)

For five weeks, EUTM Mali organized a mission to the 8th military region of the Malian armed forces (FAMa). It took place in the Sikasso region, near the border with Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, as part of the military coalition training team (Coalition military assistance training team or CM ATT). Training which is part of the reformatting of the EUTM mission which mainly trains trainers (officers and non-commissioned officers) and provides specialized training to FAMa, such as for example “ basic tactics, reaction to contact, improvised attack and checkpoint ". Among the courses taught: computers, combat rescue and human rights. This mission, which ended on March 14, was also an opportunity for European trainers “ to learn from the good qualities and experience of Malians " according to communicated.

Mogadishu, Hargeisa (Somalia). Visit to the Somali authorities

Meeting between European and Somali representatives (credit: EUCAP Somalia)

A delegation, made up of officials from the command of civilian missions (CPCC) of the EEAS, and Cristina Stepanescu, EUCAP Somalia Head of Mission, carried out a trip to Somalia. Objective: discuss with various authorities. At the Ministry of Internal Security, on March 12, discussions focused on the architecture of maritime security, the future of the Somali Coast Guard, the implementation of projects financed by the European Union, or on the activities of the mission, according to EUCAP Somalia published after the meeting. The next day, legal subjects were discussed, including legislation on piracy and the drafting of laws, it was reported to the mission. At boffice in Hargeisa, the capital of the semi-independent republic of Somaliland, on March 15, they wanted “ get an overview of how the mission operates in the region ". THE March 16, last day of the visits, the European representatives went to Nairobi (Kenya) to meet with the staff of the EUCAP Somalia support office.

NB: note that a meeting had already taken place between Stepanescu and the Somaliland authorities at the end of February. Read : Latest news from CSDP missions/operations (March 2018)

Kyiv (Ukraine). anti-corruption booklets

Anti-corruption brochures funded, designed and printed by EUAM (credit: EUAM Ukraine)

EUAM Ukraine has produced brochures on the theme of anti-corruption for the Ukrainian national police, we learned from the HQ of the advisory mission based in kyiv. These booklets should allow “ to define what corruption is and how to report it According to EUAM Ukraine. For Peter Staidl, principal advisor to the mission on the fight against corruption, the objective of this document is twofold: the first is to “ensure that honest police officers can report corruption » and do not make mistakes themselves. The second objective of the brochure is more symbolic since it aims to convey “ a clear message that corruption will not be tolerated " and " the National Police of Ukraine is serious in the fight against corruption. ". Nearly 50.000 leaflets were distributed to the Ukrainian police on Tuesday March 20. Comment: the fight against corruption has just taken a big step…

Ramallah (Palestinian). Strengthen the neighborhood police

Many constructive comments were obtained during the discussion workshops (credit: EUPOL COPPS)

The Palestinian Police, with the support of the EU Civilian Palestinian Police Training Mission (EUPOL COPPS), has strengthened its community policing services. In a word: neighborhood police. This strengthening is done via two actions: the creation of a coordination unit and the development of a strategy. A two-day workshop was organized in mid-March to implement this strategic concept. A field team will be “ responsible for planning, conducting and coordinating community policing training ". According to Veijo Alavaikko, adviser to the European mission, “ there should be no difference between the strategic concept and the way the frontline police behave and serve the Palestinian people '. (Communiqué)

Zagreb (Croatia). Maritime Operations Training

Training in 'gentle' maritime operations (credit: Frontex)

The European agency Frontex organized its first training of support officers for European border and coast guard teams on March 23 in Zagreb, Croatia. Eleven EU Member States participated. Objective : " ensure that Frontex maritime operations run smoothly and safely ". A similar course was organized a year ago, on March 3, 2017, also in Zagreb, to strengthen the knowledge of border guards on “ border management in the European context ". At the time, 13 Member States had participated in the training according to Frontex.

(Information compiled by Claire Boutry)

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