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Heroic deeds during the attack on the Camp last June

Tribute to the Portuguese soldier who died on June 13, 2017 in the terrorist attack on Campement (credit: EUTM Mali)

(B2) At a time when Permanent Structured Cooperation is launched (1), we must not forget those who are on the ground, in the shadows, act with bravery, honor their flag and the European flag, the risk (sometimes) of their life...

It was almost six months ago, on June 18, it was just before 4 o'clock in the afternoon at the Camp site, near Bamako, when terrorists burst in. It is not useless to return to these facts. Because if the terrorist attack was less devastating than expected, it is because certain Europeans, present on the spot, played a significant role, managing to "slow down" the attack, and even to stop it.

A Spanish

A Spanish officer from EUTM Mali, present on site, very quickly alerted EUTM Mali HQ, " giving regular, precise information “, allowing in particular to trigger the Quick Reaction Force (QRF), which quickly went to the scene. He was also able to recover a weapon that allowed him to shoot the attackers.

A French

Another officer, French, was able to retaliate immediately, with his personal weapon, on the assailants, succeeding in " neutralize " a terrorist ". " He displayed exceptional bravery, neglecting his own safety by immediately returning fire to the attackers says a European military source.

A Portuguese

A Portuguese officer risked his life, tried to protect the other people who were there, exposing himself " bravely ". He died on this field of honor (read: Terrorist attack against the hotel Le Campement near Bamako. Deaths among Europeans (V6).

The Czechs at the resource

As for the Czechs of the QRF, they did not hesitate when they arrived on the spot, not only to shelter the civilians, but also to go into battle to catch the attackers in their own trap. They also gave first aid to Malian soldiers injured in action.

The result: the attack stopped

Result of these combined individual actions: the terrorists not only saw their attack slowed down, then stopped. But they have gone from aggressors to defenders. This saved many lives. Admittedly, five people were killed – including two European personnel – but 32 people who were in the Camp were saved... It is important to remember this.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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(1) Read: PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) on the podium

NB: five officers and non-commissioned officers (including one posthumously) were decorated with the medal of European merit.


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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