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Austria, a wonderful government!

S. Kurz, JC Juncker and J. Hahn (credit: European Commission)

(B2) During his interview with the new Austrian Prime Minister, the young and lively Sebastian Kurz, President Jean-Claude Juncker did not have enough sweet words. “ The Austrian Chancellor is very pro-European, this is reflected in the program », he enthused. The former Luxembourg Prime Minister thus refused to express any reservations, and even less any reservations, towards the new government formed with the far-right FPÖ.

No reservations

« Like all governments, we will make up our minds about the Austrian government based on the facts, but I see no reason not to see the promises of this coalition program fulfilled. ". Those " proposals satisfy us almost 100% he repeated.

Comment: We will be skiing in Austria this winter

It thus seems a long time ago when, like the Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs, in 2000 it was affirmed " not wanting to go skiing in Austria this winter ". Water has flowed under the bridges. And the presence of a far-right government, whether it comes with very tough proposals in terms of immigration or social integration, does not arouse much reaction in the Member States.

The Commission remains as cautious as ever. If we look back at the position held in 2001, the position has changed little (read: The rise of the extreme right to power in Austria. Diversified reactions). The important thing is to be European (or at least pretend to). It is true that the precedent of the 2000s does not argue for a premature reaction. The implementation of sanctions had not produced all the desired effects and it was necessary to resort to a report from the Wise Men to get out of the mess (read: Three sages for a requiem).

In any case, from now on the Polish government, indelicacy with the European rules of separation of the executive from the judiciary (with its laws on Justice), will now be able (rightly) to complain of a “double standard ”. Austria, a member since 1995, benefits from a more favorable prejudice than Poland, a member since 2004.

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