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North Korea helped by two Russian and Ukrainian companies?

(B2) In a investigation report published this Monday (August 14), the London-based think-tank International Institute for Security Studies (IISS) reveals that the North Korean arsenal of ballistic missiles would not have developed thanks to the genius of Korean engineers. It could only have benefited from the contribution of external sources to develop so quickly, particularly in terms of long-range rocket engines.

« The available evidence clearly indicates that the liquid propellant fuel is based on the Soviet RD250 engine family and has been modified to operate as a propulsive force for [the missiles] Hwasong-12 and Hwasong-14 says researcher Michel Elleman in his investigation report.

And he names this external contribution: two companies from the former USSR that are experts in their field: one based in Russia in Moscow and St Petersburg (Energomash / WP Glouchko) — specializing in the design and construction of propellant rocket engines liquids –, the other in Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk (KB Yuzhnoye or Yuzhnoye Design Bureau)…


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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One thought on “North Korea helped by two Russian and Ukrainian companies?"

  • They would be more complete to specify that this “information” was formally denied yesterday by the Ukrainian company, as well as the Ukrainian Presidency, according to AFP.
    North Korean contacts in the former USSR no doubt allow them to obtain this technology discreetly…
    Despite real espionage, moreover, there are still many engineers who have been working in the space field for a long time in North Korea.
    We don't have to "think" like the Anglo-Saxons that every technological advance is the result of espionage, the MiGs and Sputnik are there to prove the opposite...

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