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Failed pirate attack in the Gulf of Oman

Archives B2 – Credit: EUNAVFOR Atalanta

(B2) The MT tanker NAVIG8 Providence, attacked by armed pirates in the Gulf of Oman this Friday (June 2), is safe and sound, confirmed EUNAVFOR Atalanta HQ, according to information received at B2.

The ship, which flies the flag of the Marshall Islands, was sailing 100 nautical miles east of Muscat when it was approached by six armed men aboard a skiff. He moved closer to the tanker. “ You could see on board a ladder » testified the captain of the ship (NB: generally a very clear sign of the intention to board). The weapons also spoke quickly. “ There was [in fact] an exchange of small arms between the pirates and the maritime security team on board the tanker. »

The captain of the Providence then began defensive maneuvers following maritime recommendations (the famous “BMP4”, the anti-piracy standard decreed by the military and the maritime industry). The combined effect of all measures got the better of the desire for piracy. The pirates broke off the pursuit.

The ship and its crew are unharmed. They have " resumed their journey says Northwood HQ. the NAVIG8 Providence is currently, according to the latest maritime information, in the Arabian Sea sailing at a speed of 10 knots.

But for naval anti-piracy forces in the area, it doesn't stop there. They are looking for the skiff and its occupants… To be continued.


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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