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Three Pirates Arrested by Chinese Navy Transferred to Puntland (V2)

(B2) A Chinese navy ship handed over three piracy suspects to Somali authorities in Puntland on Friday (May 5), including one Aw Kombe, a well-known local pirate, according to Puntland deputy police chief Ahmed Saiid, quoted by the Reuters agency. He would have been notably involved in the attack in the Gulf of Aden, foiled in early April, OS35, a freighter flying the flag of Tuvalu (Read: OS35 Hack Foiled by Indian and Chinese Navy) as in the shot of the Aris 13 tanker (The Aris 13 ship released), and in around twenty attacks, according to the Somali authorities.

Judged in Puntland

The three pirates, who were handcuffed and wearing life jackets, were brought to port in small inflatable boats. They should be tried in Puntland, Colonel Yasin Ali Nur assured the Somali journalist of Voice of Africa Fadumo Yasin Jama. “These three prisoners, their weapons, will be kept here in the port prison until they are transferred to the central prison, and they appear in court,” Nur said.

Hidden on release

The three men had accosted the ship to try to hijack it, confirmed the person himself, who confided in our colleagues at Voice of Africa But they began to meet difficulties after the crew locks themselves in the secure room ". To avoid being arrested by the Chinese soldiers deployed on the boat by helicopter, Aw Koombe and his two acolytes hid on the ship. “ I slept 12 hours throughout the night. But the next day they [the Chinese] heard a little noise. They found out where we were hiding, then they apprehended us ". Aw Koombe, however, denied having participated in other attacks, explaining his action by “ … poverty. Is there really another reason? »

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

Updated with information from Voice of Africa

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