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The European call for humanitarian evacuations in Aleppo. A medical air bridge to Europe?

(B2) The High Representative of the Union, Federica Mogherini, and the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, Christos Stylianides, launched a solemn appeal to " all parties to the conflict "to support and facilitate" an emergency humanitarian initiative for Aleppo aimed at allowing humanitarian organizations to do their work and civilians to be saved and protected. This initiative, taken in cooperation with the United Nations, consists of two main elements.

Facilitate the delivery of aid

The first is to facilitate the delivery of emergency aid to civilians in eastern Aleppo to meet medical, water and food needs ». A " inter-aid agency convoy is ready to move from west to east Aleppo ”, drawing on pre-positioned stocks (a pre-positioning made possible thanks to European 'frontline response' funding). This convoy can bring aid to a maximum of 130.000 people, it is specified on the European side.

Ensure medical evacuations

Secondly, " in parallel and at the same time ", it is necessary " ensure the medical evacuation of the wounded and sick from eastern Aleppo », with priority given to « women, children and the elderly ».

Minimum conditions to protect humanitarian workers and civilians

The EU also calls on all parties to " urgently provide the necessary authorizations for the delivery of aid and for medical evacuations ». Operations must be carried out under the sole responsibility of humanitarian organisations, and in accordance with procedures which guarantee the impartiality and neutrality of aid operations " with some " minimum conditions to ensure the safety and protection of humanitarian workers and civilians ». These humanitarian conditions should “ be such that the international community can work ».

Facilitate medical evacuations

The EU is also asking parties to allow medical evacuations “ not only for eastern Aleppo, but for all the besieged areas, including the “four cities” where lives are also at risk due to the lack of medicine and medical treatment ».

A medical bridge to Europe

The EU is " ready to facilitate and support the evacuation and referral of patients to the appropriate medical facilities in the region " but also " if needed in Europe for specialist medical care not available in the region “, specify the two European leaders.


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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