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The armies of sub-Saharan Africa (colloquium)

colloquiumnewfacesafricanarmies(B2) TheIRSEM organizes, on October 5 and 6, 2016 at the Military School in Paris, a colloquium dedicated to the armies of sub-Saharan Africa. Objective: to have a better understanding of the military fact in this region, of the armed forces and of those who compose them.

« The various armies of sub-Saharan Africa are today in a period of transition between a model resulting from independence and a model more adapted to the current conflictuality. write the animators of the colloquium. " During independence, these armies embodied the sovereignty of States, although they were sometimes neglected by political power and occasionally served as a tool for development or maintaining order. Since the end of the Cold War, they have appeared increasingly in demand to improve prevention, contribute to the resolution of security crises on the African continent and protect or guarantee political evolution towards more democratic forms. Today, they find themselves at the center of new challenges, with the development of jihadist terrorism against a backdrop of renewed competition between international powers and intensification of challenges linked to governance. »

Three main themes are covered:

  1. The birth and formation of African armies,
  2. African armies in the face of external influences,
  3. the adaptation of African armies

With seven round tables and numerous interventions by researchers and professors... but only one paper submitted on the European aspect, by Anne Hamonic, lecturer, Rennes 1 University. The scientific conclusions will be brought together by Frédéric Turpin from the University of Chambéry .

Download program here

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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