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For our freedom and for yours. Duda begins hostilities

Duda at the Expert Forum (credit: Polish Presidency)
Duda at the 'Warsaw Summit Experts' (credit: Polish Presidency)

(BRUSSELS2 in Warsaw) In a statement delivered today (July 7) before the Warsaw Summit Experts Forum, the President of the Polish Republic Andrzej Duda did not hold back, defending the specific role of NATO — “NATO in Defense of Peace”. Highlighting " Russia's aggression against Ukraine (which) devastated the international order we knew ". He inaugurated somewhat ahead of time the NATO summit which is taking place Friday and Saturday in the Polish capital.

Facing a Russia that wants to divide the world into buffer zones

Although the international community condemned this aggression, " Until the status quo ante is restored, we will have to confront the threats to peace emerging from efforts to divide the world into buffer zones he pointed out.

No more authoritarian regimes

« We need collective action for common security so that the past — when democratic states perished one after another at the hands of authoritarian invaders — never repeats itself. ". A very clear allusion to the Soviet occupation suffered by Poland and other Eastern European countries.

The enlargement of the Alliance

NATO is “ the most effective defense alliance in history » underlined Duda, extolling the merits of enlargement “ to include nations linked by the same aspiration: to guarantee peace to its own people and those of their allies by joining the Alliance ". Which corresponds, he recalled, to the banners carried by Polish soldiers in the past ", which clearly displayed: " For our freedom and for yours (NB: motto adopted by the Polish legions present in the armies of Napoleon (1)).

A permanent NATO presence in the East

« Lasting peace in Europe today depends on a permanent NATO presence in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. he concluded, emphasizing that the four battalions established in the Baltic countries and in Poland was indeed an embryo of a permanent presence.

Comment: Feet in the dish

For several weeks, Alliance diplomats have been striving to demonstrate the “rotational” nature of the system rather than its permanent aspect and to emphasize how this entire system is very defensive and does not harm Russia... We had to count on a Polish (especially PiS) to break the mood. In agitprop, the Poles are a bit of a specialist. The summit deal is therefore launched: it is an anti-Russia summit.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

Download the speech (English)

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(1) The English speech mentions “For Your Freedom and Ours”. Except, mistakenly on my part, the slogan displayed by the Polish soldiers was the opposite.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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