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The tweeters of the European diplomatic service in the lead

(B2) European diplomacy leads world diplomacies in using Twitter as an instrument to establish mutual connections (with peers) according to data collected by the consultancy firm Burson Marshall (BM). An interesting statistic. With 122 connections, the EEAS is ahead of the Russian ministry (112 connections), the Norwegian ministry (101 connections), etc.


If we read this ranking carefully, Norway ranks 3rd ahead of the Foreign Office. While Lithuania ranks in 5th position and Iceland in 6th position just ahead of tweeters from Israeli diplomacy and the Quai d'Orsay. Rather surprising... But when we know that Burson had been called for help in 2012 by the Icelandic government to defend its reputation tarnished by the financial crisis, we have reason to find a possible solution. From there to say that the ranking would also be a bit like that of some of Burson's best clients, is there anything we can overcome?


The portrait of the most followed global personalities is interesting in itself. We find: Barack Obama, the Pope, the Indian Prime Minister, Turkey's Erdogan, the Mexican President, Sheikh Mohammed of the United Arab Emirates, etc. No European. Too divided...


Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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