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Four days in Palestine (Maj 1)

The seat of the Palestinian Court of Justice in Ramallah
The seat of the Palestinian Court of Justice in Ramallah © JB / B2

(B2) For almost a week I was able to join the European teams in the West Bank. From Jericho to Ramallah, the men and women of EUPOL COPPS train the Palestinian police and criminal justice system.

Launched in 2006 with the backdrop of consolidating the two-state solution - Palestinian and Israeli, advocated by Europeans, the European mission, carried out under the CSDP, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. But the context in which it evolves remains as difficult and volatile as ever.

A still difficult context

For several months, the conflict has moved from a collective level to an individual level, with knife attacks carried out by young Palestinian teenagers in Jerusalem. When we arrive, calm reigns (1). Amazingly. "It's true, for four days, things have calmed down" confesses, somewhat cautiously, a Palestinian observer.

But, between settlements, checkpoints, traffic permits, different areas, regular incursions by Israeli troops into the occupied territories, ... the difficulties of daily life weigh on the population and also complicate the work of the police.

(Johanna Bouquet)

Immersed in the Palestinian police...

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(1) The calm did not last. On Monday (April 18), an explosion on a bus in West Jerusalem injured around 2005 people on Moshe Baram Street. Far from knife attacks perpetrated by teenagers, this is the first bomb attack since the second Intifada in XNUMX, the newspaper says Haaretz.

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