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Brussels attacks. Victims of various nationalities (Maj6)

PrayForBrussels(B2) Among the victims of the double attack on the airport and the Maelbeck metro on March 22, we naturally find many Belgians but also many other nationalities.

Around forty nationalities are involved, Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders quickly indicated on RTBF on Wednesday (March 23). Without reaching this number yet, we can note the very great diversity of nationalities affected, anchoring the “European capital” characteristic of Brussels in reality.

The last official report, drawn up on Sunday (March 27), mentioned 28 deceased victims, to which must be added the 3 suicide bombers, i.e. 31 dead. The balance sheet was increased on Tuesday (29 March) to 32 dead (+ 3 suicide bombers, or 35 dead) including 17 Belgians and 15 foreigners of eight different nationalities.

We deplore about 340 wounded, of 19 different nationalities (in addition to Belgian nationals): 101 still hospitalized, Sunday (March 27), including 62 in intensive care (32 in severe burns units).

More than ten nationalities affected

According to the latest count established by B2, from diplomatic, official, family and press sources, there are 14 different nationalities among the deceased: 13 Belgians + 1 German, 1 French, 1 Italian, 1 British, 3 Dutch, 1 Pole, 2 Swedes, 1 Swiss. As well as: 1 Chinese, 1 Congolese, 1 Indian, 1 Moroccan, 1 Peruvian, 2 Americans.

  • It should be noted that several people can have dual nationality. This complicates the counts and explains the shifting figures from one source to another.

Several of them worked directly or indirectly, with European institutions (European Commission) or on European issues (Member States, lobbies).


Here is the list of names, which remains to be confirmed

At the Maelbeek metro

  1. AlineBastinAline Bastin (Belgian), 29 years old, from Bassenge, communication manager for the European Community of Rail and Infrastructure Companies. Death confirmed by his family in La meuse and by CER
  2. Yves CibuabuaYves Ciyombo Cibuabua (Belgian? / Congolese), 27 years old, from Auvelais, originally from DR Congo. Father of two little girls aged 3 and 5.
  3. Melanie Defize (Belgian), 29 years old, Musicologist, music therapist, violinist. A graduate of UCL (Louvain la Neuve), Liège and Paris V (René Descartes), she was a production and publishing assistant at Cypres Records.
  4.     OlivierDelespesse@Olivier Delessesse (Belgian), 45 years old, agent in the General Service for Secondary Education and CPMS, Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
  5.  SabrinaFazal@FacebookSabrina Esmael Fazal (Belgian), 24 years old, born December 20, 1991, nursing student at the Haute école Galilée, resident of Ottignies. She was the companion of Jonathan Selemani, football player at Grez-Doiceau and RJ Wavre, and mother of a little girl Heyden.
  6. LeopoldHecht@Facebook_LalibreLeopold Hecht (Belgian), 20 years old. A student in the second block of BAC law at Saint-Louis University, he was part of a family of jurists, lawyers and magistrates. His grandmother, Marina Coppieters, was a great magistrate, reports the evening. She had notably been the investigating judge in the Heysel drama. In a coma, Léopold died during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. His parents decided to donate organs, to be able to save other lives, as they tell La Free Belgium.
  7. Gilles Laurent (Belgian). Sound engineer.
  8. LaurianeVisart@LinkedinLauriane Visart de Bocarme (Belgian), 27 years old. Passed through UCL, the Catholic University of Louvain, where she defended her dissertation at the law faculty on “thegender equality: limits and progress”, she was a lawyer at the National Union of Socialist Mutualities. She is the daughter of RTBF economist journalist Michel Visart. Her testimony on the RTBF.
  9. PatriciaRizio@ErcPatricia Rizzo (Italian), 48 years old, born on January 11, 1968. She was employed at the European Research Council (CER/ERCEA), confirms the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A graduate of the Higher Institute of Management Secretariat and Tourism (ECSEDI), she joined the European institutions in 1995, first within the European Training Foundation (ETF) in Turin, then previously worked for 5 years for theEuropean Food Authority (EFSA) in Parma (2003-2008), and at the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (AECEA) (2008-2015).
  10. David Dixon (British), 51 years old. from Nottingham. He lived in Brussels with his partner Charlotte Sutcliffe and their son Henry, 7 years old according to The Telegraph.
  11. Johanna (My) Atlegrim (Sweden), 30 years old, born April 27, 1985. From Umeå, living in Etterbeek, she worked in a tea shop. A graduate in illustrative arts from the Saint-Luc school and in graphic communication from La Cambre, she was also illustrator and gave drawing lessons. Death confirmed by diplomacy Swedish.
  12. Janina Panasewicz@FacebookJanina Panasewicz (Poland), 61 years old, born in 1955, from Podlasie. Death confirmed by his family and committee Support
  13. Loubna Lafquiri (Moroccan), gymnastics teacher at the private Islamic school 'la Virtue' in Schaerbeek.
  14. RagGhaneshan@FacebookRaghavendra (Rag) Ganeshan (Indian), 30 years old, working for the computer firm Infosys. Death confirmed by diplomacy Indian. He had just become the father of a child who was 1 month old.

Deaths at the airport

  1. Bart Migom (Belgian), 21, originally from Diksmuide, marketing student at the Howest High School from Brugge. He was to join his friend in Georgia in the United States.
  2. Nick Coopman (Belgian), 58 years old, originally from La Roche, he lived in Deurne.
  3. FabienneVansteenkiste@FacebookFabienne Vansteenkiste (Belgian), 51 years old, an airport employee, living in Namur. Died of her injuries in hospital. “Fabienne should have finished her shift at 6 a.m. that day. After a night of work. But she had agreed to extend her service at the airport check-in by two hours to help a colleague” testifies her husband, Eddy, collected by TF1 and published by Le Soir.
  4. Andre Adam (Belgian / French), 79 years old, Belgian diplomat, he was notably consul general in Los Angeles (1982-1986), then Belgian ambassador to Algeria (1986-1990), to Zaire / DR Congo (1990-1991), in the United States – Washington and finally Belgian permanent representative to the United Nations in New York (1997-1998). AndreAdamAs his family indicates, in the Gers newspaper, the " experienced Paris under the barricades in May 68, then Kinshasa during the 'Zairization', then London during the Irish attacks. He was a heartbroken witness to the rise of the Islamic front in Algeria in 1986.. He lived in Larressingle, in Gers (France) where he was very involved in the preservation of the village.
  5. JenniferScintuWaetzmann2@FacebookJennifer Scintu Waetzmann (German of Italian and Spanish origin), 29 years old, originally from Aachen, confirmed by the Aachen police. She was a customer coordinator at a clothing firm, Stedman GmbH, according to her LinkedIn profile. Her husband Lars (German), a nurse, was seriously injured and hospitalized in a coma. They went to New York for their wedding anniversary a year ago, according to the daily Bild.
  6. SachaAlexanderPinczowski@FacebookAlexander Pinczowski (Dutch), 30 years old.
  7. and her sister Sascha Pinczowski (Dutch), 29 years old. Both live in New York. Confirmation by Dutch diplomacy.
  8. ElitahWeah@Facebook Elita Weah (Dutch), 41 years old, from Deventer. Originally from Liberia, she fled the war at 16 and took refuge in the Netherlands. She acquired Dutch citizenship in 2007, as reported From telegraaf. She was going to Boston, to her father-in-law's funeral; part of his family lives in the United States. Bvolunteers in a nursing home and in the church, she leaves a 14-year-old teenager, specifies From volkskrant.
  9. BeritViktorsson@FacebookBerit Viktorsson (Sweden), born March 29, 1952, 63 years old. Death confirmed by diplomacy Swedish
  10. Adelma Marina Tapia Ruiz (Belgian / Peruvian), 36 years old. Head cook. For six years established in Belgium, she lived in Tubize with her husband, a Belgian, Christophe Delcambe (who was unharmed). She had twin daughters Maureen and Alondra, aged 4. One of them was injured.
  11. Jing Quan (Frank) Deng (Chinese), 24 years old.
  12. JustinStephanieSchults@Facebookjustin shults (American), 30 years old, originally from Gatlinburg (Tennessee). Justin worked as an accountant at Clarcor. Death confirmed by his brother on Twitter.
  13. And his wife, Stephanie Shults, 29, from Lexington, Kentucky. They had been living in Belgium since 2014.

Missing at the airport

Fabrice Thomasseau (Switzerland?), 48 years old, born in Geneva in 1968, photographer, he has lived in Brussels since 2013, teaching Fine Arts at the European School of Brussels II, after having resided in Dordogne, in the South-West . He graduated from the University of Strasbourg and the University of Bordeaux (master's degree in visual arts).

Dinko Malnar (Croatian), in transit between Montreal and Zaghreb, according to the with the BBC

Among the wounded

Among the injured, in addition to the many Belgians, citizens of: Germany (1), Spain (9), France (12), Hungary (2), Italy (3), Poland (3), Portugal (19-21), Romania (4), United Kingdom (6). As well as nationals of: Colombia, Ecuador (1), India (2), Japan (2), Morocco (4), USA (14).

Many Belgians

  • Danielle Adam (Belgian), whose husband died, seriously injured.
  • Sébastian Bellin (Belgian – Brazilian), former basketball player with severe leg injuries
  • Jimmy Ernesto Montenegro Rosero (Belgian / Ecuadorian), according to the minister Ecuadorian Culture (Guillaume Long). Seriously injured in the metro, he was hospitalized at Saint Pierre Hospital, in intensive care.

19 to 21 Portuguese

At least 19 people with Portuguese passports are on the list of injured people of the Belgian authorities, said the Secretary of State for the Portuguese community, Jose Luis Carneiro.

  • A 30-year-old nurse from Coimbra injured at the metro station. Hospitalized, she was able to go home, according to Jose Luis Carneiro quoted by Toad
  • A Stib bus driver, André Pinto, 27, slightly injured in the foot and hit in the ear, according to Toad

12 French, including 3 seriously, according to the Quai d'Orsay

  •  Fanny Rachel Clain (France), 20 years old, originally from Reunion Island, welcomed in Montélimar, she continued her studies in leather shoes, in Romans sur Isère (Drôme), before emigrating to Belgium in Liège. A member of the latter-day church (Mormons), she accompanied Americans from the Mormon church who went to Ohio. His portrait on France-Blue. Listen to his testimony on ATV via

9 Spaniards, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García Margallo, 4 of whom had already left the hospital the day after the attacks

  • María Gloria Arana, 45, born in Miranda de Ebro

6 Britons, selon le foreign office,

  • 4 of whom had already been released from hospital on Thursday (March 24).

4 Romanians, 3 of whom were still hospitalized on Thursday according to the ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a minor.

  • Roxana Stefanuca (23) and her daughter Miruna, who were in the metro train targeted by the explosion in Maelbeck.

3 Poles hospitalized on Wednesday according to the ministry of Foreign Affairs (4 according to the press)

  • including 2 Polish Customs agents (Służby Celnej) from Krakow, visiting Brussels, one was seriously injured according to the press Polish, the other more lightly.
  • and 2 women injured at the airport, from the voivodship from Podlaskie (Bialystok and Siemiatycze), whose life is not in danger

3 Italians wounded, treated in hospital and already released.

  • Chiara Burla, 24, from Varallo Sesia (Vercelli), a resident of Florence;
  • Marco Semenzato, 34, from Padua, architect originally from Veneto, but for a long time in Belgium;
  • Michele Venetico, 21 years old, young employee at Brussels airport, son of immigrants of Sicilian origin.

2 Hungarians wounded,

  • One, slightly injured in the metro explosion, works at the Permanent Representation of Hungary to the EU.
  • The second, an employee of a local company, suffered several fractures after the airport explosions.

1 Maltese, slightly injured

  • Lorenzo Vella, the former general secretary of the Maltese Young Labor Party

14 Americans

  • including 4 Mormon missionaries - Mason Wells, 19 years old, Richard Norby, 66 years old, Joseph Empey, 20 years old from Utah, seriously injured and Fanny Clain, slightly injured - and a US Air Force soldier
  • Karen Northshield, trainer, former professional swimmer, seriously injured at the airport

4 Moroccans injured at the airport

  • including 2 seriously

2 Indians

  • Nidhi Chaphekar (India) injured, 40 years old employee of Jet Airways
  • Amit Motwani (India), another Jet Airways employee

2 Japanese

  • Yu Takita (Japan), 30 years old, seriously injured in the subway, in a coma. He worked for World Federation of Insurance Associations in Brussels
  • Minoru Hino (Japan), 53, employee of the Brussels, Japan-based travel agency PI Voyages, slightly injured when the roof of the metro car collapsed following the attack. , according to the agency Kyodo. Injured in the foot, nose and forehead, he also suffered a rupture of the eardrums due to the blast. " A great boom sounded » he explained. Hino immediately escaped from the train with the other passengers, before rushing down a poorly lit staircase. The place was “ full of smoke. And I couldn't stop coughing for a while after inhalation he said, adding that broken glass was strewn all over the place.


Article published in advance in B2 Pro Thursday 25.3 and updated – 26.3, 27.3 morning, afternoon

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