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The trial of the Tribal Kat begins this Tuesday in Paris

(BRUSSELS2) The Tribal kat pirates will be tried before the Assize Court in Paris, starting this Tuesday (March 29). Trial scheduled to take place until April 15. It took 5 years for justice to take place...

A day of September 8 in the Gulf of Aden

Nine pirates had stormed, with automatic weapons, on the day of September 8, 2011, this 17-meter catamaran, which was in the Gulf of Aden, approximately 120 miles from the Yemeni coast. An SOS sent by radio had raised the alert. If there was a little uncertainty and confusion maintained by the Yemeni authorities, the conviction was quickly made. This is indeed an act of piracy. There are traces of blood on board the ship which incite the worst (Read: A couple of French yachtsmen disappeared off the coast of Yemen. Act of piracy?).

Several frigates in action

Several European frigates are approaching the area, in particular the German frigate FS Bayern which locates the empty Tribal Kat and conducts the first investigations. She is followed by the Spanish amphibious ship SPS Galicia and the French frigate Surcouf, which locate one of the pirates' skiffs. The skipper, Christian Colombo, was killed. His body was thrown overboard.

A freed hostage

His wife, Evelyne, remained a prisoner for three days before being released by the Spanish navy, which killed two of the nine pirates (read: A member of the Tribal Kat crew recovered unharmed. The other deceased). The skiff is first located by the Surcouf, and his Panther helicopter, then relocated by the Galicia who then triggers the intervention, first with his helicopter and then with his boarding team (read: Masterful operation, a few details).

The touch-and-flow method

It would seem that the Spanish from Galicia used a fairly direct offensive method against the pirates, known as “touch, sink”. They thus “ drawn on the pirate skiff and sank it, forcing the pirates to jump into the water and swim ". Then all that remained was to collect everyone (Read: Tribal Kat: the Indian tactics of Galicia. Touched flowed).

Handed over to the French for trial

The suspect kidnappers – who were 7 in number – present are disarmed and arrested. The magistrate on duty at the Audiencia Nacional (Spain) then issued an autonomous order of provisional withdrawal, which allowed this delivery of prisoners to the French authorities. The Spaniards also hand over to the French authorities the research evidence already communicated to the Spanish judge and the testimonies collected during the interrogations. Very useful for a future trial (read: The 7 suspected pirates of the Tribal Kat transferred to French justice?).




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