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EUCAP Sahel Mali trains the National Guard for the maintenance of order

(Credit: EUCAP Sahel Mali)
(Credit: EUCAP Sahel Mali)

(BRUSSELS2) What to do in the face of a group of agitated demonstrators: when to fire? When to use force? How to distribute roles? These are some of the questions that 16 trainees from the Malian National Guard were able to answer during training provided by the European Malian capacity building mission (EUCAP Sahel Mali) in February. For three weeks, the Malians acquired expert knowledge in maintaining order.

Theory to better understand reality

The trainees, who came from the Order Maintenance Group and the Special Presidential Security Group, first acquired knowledge on the general principles of maintaining order (purpose of maintaining order, gradation of employment of force, summons and warnings), the use of grenades, intervention in occupied premises, reaction to the opening of fire. According to the EUCAP trainers, the aim of the training was to “ improve the middle management of the National Guard through the mastery of technical procedures, the order framework, the operational command situation and pedagogy. » All applied to maintaining order.

A realistic practice

Intervention in occupied premises. 35 disgruntled employees have been besieging their company premises for 5 days. All exits are blocked and negotiations with the union have been in vain. All that remains is to call on the National Guard’s Order Maintenance Group. The mission entrusted to the unit: evacuate the company occupied by the demonstrators and maintain order in the area to prevent the return of the occupants. Here is an example of an exercise carried out by the EUCAP Sahel Mali team to put Malians in a situation. "The Group's soldiers carried out the evacuation of the occupants of the factory like true professionals" reports the mission in a press release.

Training to spread vertically

“It all starts with our training, and we managers must pass on what we have learned to our subordinates,” explains Warrant Officer Salif Djiré of the law enforcement group. To achieve this, the third and final week of the training was devoted to teaching those who will now be an example to follow and trainers within their units. This training of trainers took place in working groups. Everyone was able to put themselves in the shoes of the trainer and thus understand the delicate art of transmitting their knowledge to interlocutors, maintaining the attention of the class and checking that the message was conveyed.


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