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Malian civil society involved in the training of the Gendarmerie

Head of Mission Albrecht Conze signed the agreement on behalf of EUCAP. (Credit: Eucap Sahel Mali)
Head of Mission Albrecht Conze signed the agreement on behalf of EUCAP. (Credit: Eucap Sahel Mali)

(BRUSSELS2) To establish a relationship of trust between the population and the internal security forces, it is necessary to train, inform... this is the observation made by the European mission EUCAP Sahel Mali responsible for strengthening the internal security forces. (civil) Malians. This is the objective of the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Malian Institute for Action Research for Peace (IMRAP), which was made on March 16.

Five concrete objectives

The joint training has several concrete objectives:

  • train a large number of agents and make them aware of the importance of maintaining dialogue and trust with the population;
  • identify within the Internal Security Forces ´reference persons´ with strong potential to build a network within the framework of confidence-building activities;
  • support the process of developing community policing;
  • create a continuous partnership between the Internal Security Forces and the population;
  • contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of reference persons.

Experience gained in the field

In the months preceding this agreement, members of the Malian Institute for Research and Action for Peace (IMRAP) were invited to intervene alongside European trainers in several meetings and training sessions with officers of the National Gendarmerie. The leaders of the Institute have also criss-crossed the national territory and certain Malian refugee camps, consulting the citizens on the obstacles to peace.

(Leonor Hubaut)

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Leonor Hubaut

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