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We saw “The White Knights”

WhiteknightsFilm@(B2) The film 'The White Knights' by Joachim Lafosse recounts a story known to readers of our blog, that of Zoé's Ark.

However, it only illustrates one period and part of this 'tragic epic', the arrival on site in Chad of the NGO team until its arrest by Chadian forces, with an essentially psychological plot: the rifts within the team, part of which gradually discovers the full extent of the project (*). Extremely well-played characters, who each time swing between white and black and largely reflect reality.

Observers with relatively good knowledge of the field will have quickly noticed some incongruities. It's a little warmer in the depths of Chad in Abéché. The airport runway is a bit super modern compared to what it actually is... And, apart from a sequence at the beginning, the French military presence remains quite limited. On the other hand, we see European forces from EUFOR arriving who briefly stop the 'zozos' in full prospecting in the villages. The EUFOR officer is very well portrayed as a British man. This is for the novel. Because we all know that the nationals of Gracieuse Majesty were rather limited in number in the operation (2... if I remember correctly and more in the general staff than on the ground), unlike the Irish or Poles. For the image, certainly, it was better a Briton…


Also read the testimony we collected at the time: Testimony of the Belgian pilot of Operation Arche de Zoé / Children Rescue in Chad


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