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Two Serbian hostages killed in US raid (update)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs announces the death of 2 of his diplomatic agents in Libya (credit: MAE Serbia)
The Minister of Foreign Affairs announces the death of 2 of his diplomatic agents in Libya (credit: MAE Serbia)

(B2) Two agents of the Serbian embassy in Libya, hostages of the Islamic State organization, were killed during the raid by American aircraft Tuesday on a building suspected of sheltering militants of the Islamic State organization. Islamic State (Daesh/ISIL) confirmed Serbian Foreign Ministry Ivica Dacic on Saturday (February 20). “ Yesterday afternoon we received information that this attack killed several foreign nationals, including two employees of our embassy ". Jovica Stepic and Sladjana Stanković, respectively the driver and an embassy agent, were kidnapped last November. “ Air attacks by American aircraft killed more than 40 people, the majority of victims are Tunisians who are in Libya he clarified.

American denial

On the American side, we are much less affirmative. " Nwe don't we have no information indicating that these death be the result typing carried out by the forces U.S. against one leader de HEAT et un training camp by ISIL said Peter Cook, the Pentagon spokesman.. The circumstances of this death remain " blurry » he underlines, clearing the forces Americans from any fault. « Our forces have observed this training camp about weeks preceding the the moment of hits her, he there was no indication de civilians present » He concludes " However " in " expressing (his) most sincere condolences to the government Serbian et the families of those killed ».


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