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SNMG2 ready to react in the Mediterranean to the migrant crisis

SNMG2 had extensive training with Turkish Navy
SNMG No. 2 deployed in the Mediterranean (Credit: NATO / Marcom)

(B2) NATO will not have too much difficulty setting up a maritime force in the Aegean Sea to monitor the Turkish coasts (read: NATO ships in the Aegean Sea. Thank you Angela!). She's already there! Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (abbreviated SNMG2) is indeed currently in the area.

Under German command

And chance does things well... It is placed under German command, with a Turkish composition. This corresponds well to the spirit of the initiative launched by Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Turkish counterpart Hamet Davotoglu. And the conditions set by Greece for the acceptance of this mission (read paper to follow).

three ships

Rear Admiral Jörg Klein has three ships under his command: the support ship German FGS Bonn (A-1413) — which serves as the flagship — the Turkish frigate TCG Barbaros (F-244) — manufactured in the German shipyards in Hamburg — and the Canadian frigate HMCS Fredericton (FFH-337).

It has just completed a series of exercises at sea (maritime interdiction, search and rescue at sea, air and submarine defence, direct target fire, etc.) with a Turkish task force made up of several ships: a frigate ( TCG Gökçeada), two fast patrol boats (TCG Mizrak and TCG Zipkin ), a corvette (TCG Bodrum) and a submarine (TCG Atilay). All supported by a series of aerial sorties by Turkish Air Force F-16 fighters.


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