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Pirates retried in Mauritius still plead not guilty

(B2) It's been a long time since we last heard from them. Somali pirates who tried to rob the Cypriot container ship MSC Jasmine in the Indian Ocean are about to be retried in Mauritius.

Three years after the fact

They had, in fact, been arrested jointly by the American ship USS Halyburton and by the French frigate Surcouf in January 2013 (1). Acquitted on November 6, 2014, for lack of evidence (read: The 12 pirates tried in Mauritius acquitted), the Director of Public Prosecutions appealed the judgment.

plead not guilty

During their appeal trial on Tuesday (February 23), they again pleaded not guilty, our colleague tells us. Express. The reason for prosecution was clarified – from pirate attacks on the high seas to “ avoir knowingly and unlawfully clerk an act of piracy, byan act illegal to violence for purposes private, by use bya private boat directed against MSC Jasmine ". A lawyer for the defendants intends to call two of the marines to the bar Americans who were on board theUSS Halyburton and responded first to the distress call from MSC Jasmine.


(1) Read our full article on the arrest with all the details: A group of pirates foiled near the Somali coast. 12 suspects arrested (upd3)

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