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The testimony of Nadia Murad Basee Taha, survivor of Daesh

Nadia Murad Taha in front of parliamentarians this afternoon (© JB / B2)
Nadia Murad Taha in front of parliamentarians this afternoon (© JB / B2)

(B2) “I am one of thousands of Yezidis who have been kidnapped. I became the object of ISIS rape and torture... When ISIS men attacked Sinjar (1) they gave us two options: convert or die.”.

The one who spoke thus, in front of the European Parliament, at the invitation of the Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), is just 21 years old. Her name is Nadia Murad Basee Taha. Very thin, dressed in black and very feminine. She speaks in a low voice, breathing short, holding back her emotion.

Captured then sold

« I am one of the 5800 women and children kidnapped by Daesh (2) When I was kidnapped, I was held in central Mosul (northern Iraq) by a member of Daesh. I wanted to escape. But the house was constantly guarded. I was then sold. Finally I managed to escape. I was taken in by a Sunni family who helped me in Mosul. We are raped, sold, passed from one man to another... Few of us manage to escape. When you try to escape, the sentence... is gang rape. »

The man always capable of the worst

“Some people don’t believe what’s happening. They cannot believe that the worst horrors are still happening today. But it is. Children are taken from their mothers. And we teach them to kill. We teach them what Daesh wants for the future ».

The international community has done nothing

“We have been warning the international community for a year and a half. But nothing was done ! (...) We submitted a document to the International Court of Justice. But she hasn't taken it into account yet. We want our genocide to be recognized. If it is not approved by all parliaments, we will disappear..."

Recognize these crimes as genocide

“If the crimes committed against us are not recognized as genocide, we will not be able to return to our lands. Because we will have no confidence for that. What happens to us is because of our religious identity!. (...) We want these men brought to justice. This will be the only condition for us to achieve reconciliation. »

If I had a request...

“We must stop Daesh. This is not only a threat against the Yezidis but against all of us! We must remain focused on one thing: ending ISIS.”

(Johanna Bouquet)

(1) city located in northwest Iraq near the Syrian border

(2) 3000 men were killed and 3500 women and children are still captive

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