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A hospital in Syria… boom boom… no more hospitals. A real cleaning of the territory

(credit: MSF)
(credit: MSF)

(B2) Running a hospital today in Syria is no longer a neutral act. It almost became an act of courage. Supposed to be neutral places, where people of all sides can be treated, health centers and hospitals have become deliberately targeted targets in particular by the Syrian regime. It's not often collateral damage. It is a deliberate objective, intended to eliminate – as with bakeries and schools – any possibility of a normal life, and to scare away the population. It's a kind of general clean-up, the scorched earth policy. Not less than four hospitals in the Idlib provinces et byAzaz were targeted on Monday (February 15). " All of this deadly attacks against facilities consultations and schools in Aleppo et Idlib in the north of Syria are completely unacceptable » declared the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, Chrystos Stylianides.

An MSF hospital destroyed

A hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders was almost totally destroyed on Monday in Ma'arat Al Numan. He was touched by four rockets in two rounds of attacks within minutes of each other " highlighted MSF in a statement. " Seven people were killed: five patients, an accompanying person and one of the hospital guards. Eight staff members are also missing, believed to be deceased. Other patients are missing, without the exact number yet being known ». This 30-bed hospital employed 54 people and had two operating theatres, an outpatient department and an emergency room. " The outpatient department saw about 1 patients per month, the emergency room performed an average of 500 consultations per month, and about 1100 orthopedic and general surgery operations were performed each month in the operating theaters » indicates the NGO

A third of out-of-state health facilities

« A third of hospitals no longer work in Syria » underlines EU High Representative Federica Mogherini. " And PNearly half of Syria's doctors have been forced to flee, leaving large parts of the country almost entirely cut off from any form of medical assistance ". And the head of European diplomacy to recall that according to the " recent agreements reached in Munich and Geneva, we expect that all parties to the conflict will not target civilians and civilian infrastructure. “Innocent civilians have already suffered so much in five years of this bloody conflict. They must be protected! ».


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