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May Europe rediscover a sense of hospitality. An Irish request

(credit: Irish Presidency)
The reception of ambassadors in Dublin (credit: Irish Presidency)

(B2) In his address to Ambassadors, the President of the Republic of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, today (27 January) warned Europeans of the risk posed to Europe by the refugee crisis. A risk that is not only that of Schengen or the principle of free movement, he warns. But simply our values ​​(*).

“The risk is not just that this refugee crisis has the potential to undermine Schengen and the principle of free circulation within the European Union. It also has the potential to undermine the values ​​at the basis of that humanistic spirit to which Europeans recommitted themselves after the devastation of WWII. The issue of migration touches upon some of the most divisive and sensitive aspects of European identity: our relationship to the outside world, to the South, and to the Muslim world”

With "humility", the Irish president allows himself to insist asking everyone " our European ambassadors here to do everything in their power to make this crisis an opportunity to revive a European ethos of human dignity, freedom and solidarity, an opportunity perhaps to forge a coherent common policy on asylum. I ask them to give meaning to what is a concept shared in all beliefs and cultures: hospitality. »

“Again I would, with humility, urge all of our European Ambassadors here to do everything that is in their power to ensure that this crisis becomes an opportunity to rekindle a European ethos of human dignity, freedom and solidarity; an opportunity – perhaps – to forge a coherent common policy on asylum. I urge them to give meaning to the most shared concept across all belief systems and cultures – 'hospitality'; 'care for the stranger not yet a friend. »

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

translated by us

(*) NB: This is not just a speech. Ireland has shown a certain sense of solidarity. the Irish government (which is not part of the Schengen area) has offered to participate voluntarily in the relocation process and has also sent several ships to the Mediterranean for six months, allowing the rescue of 8.500 people in recent months (according to Dublin) , almost as much as the German navy alone....

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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