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European experts lent a hand after the Blu Radisson attack in Bamako

(credit: Eurogendfor)
(credit: Eurogendfor)

(BRUSSELS2) A dozen investigators (gendarmes, police, etc.) from the European support mission for the Malian security forces (EUCAP Sahel Mali) and from the "UNPOL" component of Minusma - lent a hand to their colleagues Malians from the National Police (Judicial Investigation Brigade and Technical and Scientific Police) after the terrorist attack at the Blu Radisson Hotel in Bamako on Friday (November 20), we learned. They provided technical support, in particular, essential for the investigation. This being conducted by Malian judges and police.

It was they in particular who took the fingerprints of the two suspects killed during their attack, allowing their identification. The Malian team did not seem to have the necessary forensic equipment. The gendarmes also dissected the weapons used to trace their provenance and manufacture. Indispensable elements of the investigation.

"This is an opportunity to support our Malian comrades in the practical implementation of our training action, in the areas of judicial police and counter-terrorism that we are teaching them", says Colonel John Veneau, the mission's chief of operations. Since January 2015, the EUCAP Sahel Mali mission has been training Malian forces in judicial police, investigation management, scientific and technical police, and intelligence techniques.

EUCAP experts had already supported Mali's internal security forces after the attack on La Terrasse in March 2015 (read: Attack in Bamako, several European victims including an EU agent)

NB: This attack, like the previous one in Bamako, should restore a more determined focus of the EUCAP Sahel Mali mission on the anti-terrorism vector.


(Leonor Hubaut & Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

Leonor Hubaut

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