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(BScreenshot 2015-09-07 10.41.582) Refugee crisis, Iran, Bosnia-Herzegovina, sanctions, maritime operations, European diplomacy in New York for the United Nations General Assembly... The holidays are far behind and the subjects are piling up on the table of European diplomats and crisis managers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, player in CSDP missions. After several years of negotiation, the agreement on the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in CSDP operations has finally been signed, Federica Mogherini and Defense Minister Marina Pendes (Tuesday September 15). Bosnia and Herzegovina will now be able to participate in European Union crisis management operations.

Exclusive EUNAVFOR Med 2nd phase: long interview with Hervé Bléjean. A few days before the launch of the 2nd phase of the EUNAVFOR med operation, scheduled for October 7, B2 was able to meet Rear Admiral Hervé Bléjan, deputy commander-in-chief of the operation. For B2, he returned to the results obtained in phase 1 and the objectives of phase 2 (read: EUNAVFOR Med a piece in a more complete puzzle (Bléjean). While this lucrative traffic “represents nearly 35% of the money arriving in Libya” “the central Mediterranean remains the most dangerous area for migrants”. To ward off these criminal organizations, phase 2 will aim to dismantle the networks of traffickers, “by a police operation with military means” …and maybe further with soon a Shade Med in the Mediterranean?

Exclusive – Towards a renewal of relations between the European Union and Belarus? The ambassadors of the European Union agreed on Friday (October 2) for a conditional lifting of the existing individual sanctions against Belarusian personalities and entities. Sanctions on Belarus lifted? A subtle political compromise we write in an article which deciphers the subtle compromise reached between the supporters of a rapid lifting of sanctions, in response to the release of all political prisoners by the power in Minsk (the European Diplomatic Service was campaigning in this direction in particular) and the most reluctant towards a regime which remains, in certain aspects, authoritarian or in any case autocratic.

Iran deal to the rescue of Syria? Iran can help resolve the conflict in Syria. This is the conviction of the High Representative of the EU. In New York, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on the sidelines of the meeting of the UN General Assembly on Friday September 25, the High Representative of the EU had a meeting with the Iranian Minister of Affairs foreigners, Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Maritime operations: the Italians have the wind in their sails. It is an Italian rear admiral who should take command at sea of ​​the European maritime operation deployed in the Indian Ocean to fight against piracy off the coast of Somalia on October 6 (EUNAVFOR Atalanta). One Italian triple!  in European maritime operations in a way. Since two Italians are also in command of the maritime operation in the Mediterranean Sea (EUNAVFOR Med Sophia).

Refugee crisis: the anger of Federica Mogherini. At the height of the refugee crisis, during the Strasbourg plenary session on September 15, the EU High Representative stepped up to the plate by launching a “clear call to Member States”. In our paper, Mogherini apostrophizes the Member States: the existence of the EU is at stake, we show how the Italian is openly disappointed by the lack of decision and unity of the European Union, which “puts his own existence at stake”.

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