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Latest news from EU peacekeeping missions (CSDP) – summer 2015


Mediterranean. New air intelligence mission

A Falcon 50 maritime surveillance aircraft from the French Navy carried out in mid-August (August 12, 13 and 15, 2015) an intelligence mission on trafficking activities in this area on behalf of the maritime operation of the EU (EUNAVFOR Med). This is the second mission of this type carried out by the French navy.

Drežnica (Bosnia-Herzegovina). Mine risk education for children 

Children from multi-ethnic schools in Zenica, Tuzla, Mostar and Sarajevo took part in a mine risk awareness camp, organized by the EU military operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR Althea), June 29 to July 3. The children had the opportunity to see the extent of the territory which is still contaminated by mines, and the danger represented by both these mines and unexploded ordnance. Climbing was the main sporting activity of the camp. This was organized by the Austrian CIMIC team. “ We thought rock climbing would be a perfect way to get kids of different ethnicities working together. Some children still need to learn that there is a threat, and how to deal with it  said First Lieutenant Andreas Grassberger.

Practical training session on mine detection and reaction (Credits: EUFOR Althea)
So that they know how to react to a mine, children are confronted with several models (Credit: EUFOR Althea)

Lviv (Ukraine). Extension of the police reform project 

After the successful experiment on a sector of the Lviv regional police, the European Union advisory mission (EUAM Ukraine) decided to extend the experiment to four new districts. Following the example of the Sambir police station, the new intervention teams will now operate in the districts of Staryy Sambir, Turka, Zhovkva and Mostyska. In this area live 200.000 citizens. Since June, the Sambir police station has significantly improved the reaction time of these intervention units, reduced to a few minutes. Citizens have increased calls to the Emergency Response Unit, “proof of the renewed confidence in the Police” we underline at EUAM Ukraine. See the explanatory video here.

Somalia. Rescue of ship stranded on Somali beach 

(Credits: EU NAVFOR Somalia)
The fishing vessel FV Al Amal stranded on a Somali beach as seen from the Spanish P3 Orion surveillance aircraft (Credit: EU NAVFOR Somalia)

Maritime patrol aircraft from the EU anti-piracy operation (EUNAVFOR Atalanta) enabled Somali forces to successfully carry out an operation to rescue the crew of a Yemeni fishing vessel on Friday 7 August. Engine problems forced the FV Al-Amal to make a distress call after stranding on a beach in Somalia. The commander of the Spanish ship ESPS Galicia, on patrol in the area, Rear Admiral Alfonso Fernández Gómez de Córdoba, immediately made available a surveillance plane to control the beach where the merchant ship ran aground, and transmit information to the authorities. local.

Mogadishu (Somalia). Field Training for the Somali Coast Guard 

Intervention techniques, detention and use of non-lethal force, conflict prevention (and handling, negotiation, mediation), forensic techniques, radar navigation technique, map reading... here are some of the subjects studied by the 29 Somali coast guards who participated in a twelve-week training course organized by EUCAP Nestor, to familiarize them with their role as civil police. Based on international policing standards, special emphasis has been placed on issues related to maritime policing. To this end, various scenarios were presented by the experts during the course, through practical sessions based on real information from the field. Before collecting their certificates of participation, the trainees took part, on August 6, in an exercise during which they had to demonstrate their abilities to use and adjust a maritime radar (navigation skills), collect and preserve evidence and traces of a crime scene, handcuffing suspects in various situations and carrying out a body search with and without a metal detector.

Koulikoro (Mali). IED explosion simulation exercise and casualty evacuation 

Evacuation of an injured person by helicopter. (Credits: EUTM Mali)
The exercise involved the evacuation of an injured person by helicopter (Credit: EUTM Mali)

Koulikoro was the scene of a new simulation exercise. An attack with an improvised explosive (IED) causing several serious injuries in the middle of the training camp triggered all medical evacuation procedures, including the deployment of the emergency medical team to the area. The injured were transported by ambulance and air to 'Role 2' (field hospital), located in the town of Koulikoro. The second part of the exercise, which was to take place at night, was canceled due to bad weather conditions. This type of exercise is now carried out with each new Protection Force member rotation, so that each member can be familiarized with these medical procedures.

Dosso (Niger). Crisis management training and emergency planning

Group of participants from the Governorate of Dosso with the Head of Operations, EUCAP experts and senior Nigerien officers. (Credit: EUCAP Sahel Niger)
Group of participants from Dosso Governorate with the head of operations, EUCAP experts and senior Nigerien officers. (Credits: EUCAP Sahel Niger)

From 27 to 31 July 2015, a new training in crisis management and contingency planning was provided at EUCAP Sahel Niger headquarters for 21 executives from the Governorate of Dosso. The courses were developed in order to make the regional joint CPs fully operational, by improving their coordination and planning capacities in terms of crisis management. The Deputy Commander of the Gendarmerie of Niger, Colonel Salifou WAKASSO and the head of training of the Niger Armed Forces, Colonel-Major Oumaraou Namata came to present the diplomas to the trainees.

EUCAP Sahel Mali reaches cruising speed: more than 360 Malians trained

A female police officer undergoing human rights and gender training (Credit: EUCAP Sahel Mali)

The capacity building mission for Malian internal security forces, EUCAP Sahel Mali, has reached cruising speed with the completion of a large number of training and advisory activities for the Police, Gendarmerie and National Guard. . 360 executives and new trainers have already received training (2 to 4 weeks) in the areas of management, professional conduct and ethics, human rights and gender, as well as in the areas of operational command and professional skills (general public security, judicial police and counter-terrorism, law enforcement, intelligence, human resources management, border control) according to their unit to which they belong. “Six months after its official launch, the Mission has reached full operational capacity with around 70 international experts on site, many of whom come from European police and gendarmerie services. », underlined the chief of operations, John Veneau, on August 1st.

Bangui (Central African Republic). Visit to Kde assai training camp 

General de Rousiers also met the President of the CAR Catherine Samba-Panza, Prime Minister Mahamad Kamoun, the Minister of Defense, the head of mission of the African Union and the Secretary General of Minusca. (Credit: EUMAM RCA)

General Patrick de Rousiers, president of the Military Committee of the European Union, went to Bangui on July 17 to visit the European training mission of the Central African army (EUMAM RCA). He visited the Kassai training camp to get a first-hand impression of its condition. Once rebuilt, Camp Kassai is expected to become one of the most important training facilities for the Central African Armed Forces (FACA). General de Rousiers underlined the importance of EUMAM's contribution to the European Union's overall approach in the CAR: “I congratulate each of you on what you have accomplished here so far. It's not easy, but it's important work. By advising on basic procedures in the workflow of the Ministry of Defense and the FACA General Staff, you contributed to their stable foundation. However, much remains to be done in preparing for security sector reform. »

(news compiled by Leonor Hubaut)

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