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The explosion in Lyon: an attack. François Hollande calls for not giving in to fear

© NGV/B2
© NGV/B2

(BRUSSELS2) For François Hollande, the explosion that occurred this morning (10 a.m.) in an industrial gas factory (Air Products) in the industrial suburb to the south of Lyon, in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, is an attack. And there is no doubt about it. The French president, as soon as the news was known, chose to leave the European summit which, moreover, no longer had much discussion on the table. But before leaving Brussels early, he wanted to make a short statement to journalists to provide details on the circumstances of the attack.

A vehicle heading towards a Seveso factory, 1 or 2 perpetrators.

« This attack is a vehicle driven by a person, perhaps accompanied by another, (who) is thrown at high speed against a Seveso classified establishment. There is no doubt that the intention was to cause an explosion. The attack is of a terrorist nature, since a corpse with inscriptions was found. “In the end, there is” aurait as i speak to you », underlines the President, « one dead and two injured (*). " The individual suspected of having committed this attack has been arrested and identified.. And the president to announce the first measures. “ Considerable gendarmerie resources were deployed. Seveso sites have been further protected. And all the provisions are taken to avoid any additional drama. » A restricted council will be held at the Elysée at 15:30 p.m.

European solidarity

« In these moments, it is necessary to have an expression of solidarity with regard to the victim added the French president. " Solidarity was also expressed this morning at the European Council ". But François Hollande also abjured everyone not to give in to emotion and fear.

Don't give in to emotion and fear

« There is an emotion. But emotion cannot be the only answer. There is action, deterrence, prevention, and therefore the need to uphold values ​​and not give in to fear. Never ! ". And add "We must rise to all the circumstances, not create unnecessary divisions, suspicions that would be intolerable, do the work that the French expect of us: to protect them, and at the same time establish the truth, eradicate groups or individuals responsible for such acts. »

(NGV to the European Council)

NB: The assessment was subsequently revised. There are no injuries in the strict sense of the term, according to the authorities. The circumstances were also clarified. The deceased is the attacker's boss. Read also: A labor conflict as much as an attack?

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