Antoine Deltour, this hero of European citizenship! (Lamassoure)

(B2)" Antoine Deltour, by violating the law of his country, illustrated the common European interest, served European citizenship. He may have violated the employment contract, the law of his country (it will be up to the courts to decide). But he put us in the position to advance the general interest advanced Alain Lamassoure, the MEP head of the delegation of the Republicans (ex-UMP) to the European Parliament, during a lunch with French journalists (including I was with Nora Hamadi, the president of the AJE).

A status for alert protectors

“We need to develop a statute for whistleblowers,” says the man who is also the chairman of the European Parliament’s special committee on “tax rulings” (a committee that was created precisely in the wake of LuxLeaks. “ This will be one of the major points of the report we are preparing (which should be finished and voted on in plenary in October). »

Let's dispassionate, let's give time!

As a result, Alain Lamassoure recognizes that there is a problem of consistency with the trade secrets directive. " It is a complex subject. There is the problem of industrial espionage. It is a very important issue. Let's give ourselves time. You have to work in a dispassionate atmosphere, bring the temperature down. It is in our interest to solve the two problems together. Let's dispassionate! ".

Comment: this intervention contradicts the trend observed at the European Commission and among certain MEPs to speed up the tempo and complete the “trade secrets” directive as quickly as possible. It should allow on a subject as delicate as freedom of the press, the protection of sources on the one hand, and the preservation of business secrets to find a more satisfactory balance than today.


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