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(BRUSSELS2 to Ramallah) Being a Palestinian policeman or judge implies having to juggle a certain number of "administrative" and political difficulties. The presence of the wall, the settlements, the division into the three zones and the incursions of the Israeli security forces are proving to be a real headache for the justice system and the Palestinian security forces.

A daily puzzle

If a prisoner is to be transferred or brought before the court, the transfer must be coordinated ten days in advance, and through Ramallah police headquarters. Sometimes it takes extra time. Because it requires support from the Israeli forces. These can sometimes be delayed. And the prisoner cannot be presented in time, the court must then postpone its session.

To go faster, without uniform or without weapons

Police intervention in a crime or misdemeanor is also problematic. Arrival within 10 minutes (the usual norm) is often compromised by having to pass through areas (B or C) that are not under direct Palestinian authority. This can have consequences on the evidence which can disappear and thus compromise the investigation. Sometimes to go faster, the police have to travel in unmarked vehicles, or without uniforms and weapons.

A dangerous situation and a loss of sovereignty

But uniformed police are part of sovereignty. " When the police act in uniform it means they are in control, everyone knows they are a working police officer. The difficulty of coordination makes the situation dangerous for the police if they are not in uniform and do not have weapons to defend themselves. This situation is well known and does not really allow the police to work “Explains a senior officer.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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