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Between Ramallah and Gaza, divisions remain strong

(BRUSSELS2 in Jerusalem/Ramallah) Talking about reunification and reconciliation is not an illusion when we hear the various Palestinian leaders.

Gaza an essential part of the Palestinian 'state' in the making

For the director of the border guard service, Nazmi Mhanna (*), whom we met in Ramallah " We have police services, border services, the whole heart of a State. (…) And Gaza is an essential part of the process. This represents 60% of our budget, people live there. »

Hamas does not play the game

But " They (Hamas) only want the money, to have a structure that pays and provides services.” Gold " there cannot be one who pays and the other who directs. (…) There must be full authority from Beth Hannoun to Rafah. »

A common authority from Beth Hannoun to Rafah

“When you divide that, it doesn't work. Hamas is unwilling to cede control. They want to maintain their influence, not share it. It does not work. They refuse to have elections. The President (Abbas) called on them to hold elections (end of March), asking them for a specific answer. And we haven't received any response."

An agreement with Israel to respect

“We have an agreement with Israel and we intend to respect it. We are a partner of the international community and we intend to remain so. There is a single authority in Gaza and the West Bank. There cannot be one authority for civilians and one authority for the military. This is not acceptable to Israel, the international community and Egypt. »

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

(*) Affiliated with Fatah even if he claims to be Palestinian above all, speaking “ as a Palestinian Authority official. (…) I work in an institution under the Palestinian authority. I am Palestinian, I belong to this people. What is important to me is the interest of the Palestinian people, it is not a partisan issue. »

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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