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OSCE monitors under fire in eastern Ukraine

OSCE observers at the MH17 crash site (credit: OSCE)
OSCE observers at the MH17 crash site (credit: OSCE)

(BRUSSELS2) OSCE observers in eastern Ukraine came under fire from a grenade launcher and automatic anti-aircraft weapons in the Maiorsk region (45 km north of Donetsk), Wednesday (November 26), the organization said in a statement.

According to the organization, the facts are as follows: “ Around 12 p.m., a patrol made up of 3 observers - escorted by soldiers Ukrainian - rolled between two checkpoints Ukrainian military – distant from less of 2 km - between the cities of Kirove et Shumy (at 55 and 50 km northeast of Donetsk). When they were near the CheckPoint  near de Shumy, he was then 12.10,un monitors de SMM got out of the vehicle armored. Almost immediately, an RPG (grenade launcher) shot went off at about 150 meters from the vehicle observers. In the space of two seconds, other projectiles coming from an anti-aircraft gun 23 mm landed, making a impact from 2 to 3 meters from the vehicle of the OSCE » The observer, standing next to the vehicle “ immediately returned ". And everyone evacuated the premises. " Dog injuries or de damage suffered during this attack ».

NB: this is not the first attack… and probably not the last. The OSCE drones had already been fired upon, pinning them to the ground (Read: OSCE drones grounded in eastern Ukraine (update). Unless there is a political change, the history of the OSCE observation mission seems already written: repeated shots which will one day cause someone to be injured or killed. And the observation mission will withdraw. End of the round...


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