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Ukraine: Russian-speaking zone being created. A fierce conflict in the Donbass

(B2) The map distributed by Ria Novosti on the ongoing fighting in eastern Ukraine, the situation in Dombass and the ceasefire is illustrative in more than one way of the difference in assessment between West and East of Ukraine, West and East of Europe.

Reading this map, one gets the impression of a war of liberation, where the Ukrainian forces are retreating, surrounded, or even crushed. There are only “remnants” of the 1st and 80th brigades as well as the Aidar battalion of the National Guard. The 24th Motorized Infantry Brigade and the 25th Airborne Brigade from Dnepropetrovsk were "crushed by the insurgents." And of the several thousand men of the Ukrainian army and additional forces surrounded near Ambrosievka and Dilovaïsk, only a few hundred men remain, some having escaped the encirclement, "the others having perished ».

MapUkraine20141004 RiaNovosti
The situation in Donbass – © Ria Novosti

NB: This bulletin - although it has the accent of propaganda reports - is however not devoid of all reality. According to European sources, in recent weeks, the Ukrainian forces alone (regular army and national guard) have lost more than 2000 men! And the losses are also heavy on the side of the pro-Russian and Russian forces and civilians.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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