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New strikes on an ISIL camp

flight command post - 2 oct 2014 (credit: US Army)
cockpit command post – Oct 2, 2014 (credit: US Army)

(B2) US military forces continued to attack state organization islam in iraq et au Levant (ISIL) in the nights of Saturday and Sunday, leading with planes of hunting et bombers several air strikes, according to CentCom, the US Central Command located in Tampa. 5 air raids were conducted nearly Kobanî, allowing to destroy seven vehicles et a building de HEAT. While a dozen strikes were carried out in Iraq, with planes of hunting et drones, in a combined operation of the allies. 2 French Rafale planes, in particular, participated in these strikes, dropping 4 AASM type bombs. 6  strikes were carried out West from the Mosul dam on two people small units of ISIL, ddestroying four vehicles et a artillery piece ISIL and damaging a building. Trois air strikes au southwest of the same dam were hitting a large unit et a small unit de l 'HEAT, with destruction of two people vehicles et two buildings ISIL. " A military camp used by the terrorist organization to harden its fighters » we specify to the General Staff of the French armies. Au South East de Fallujah, the raids hit two people large units et a small unit de l 'HEAT and destroyed un building HEAT.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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