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The British enter the dance. Objective: Disorganize the forces of the EEIL

A pilot of a Tornado GR4 prepares for flight (Credit: MOD UK)
A Tornado GR4 pilot prepares for flight (Credit: MOD UK)

(BRUSSELS2) As soon as the debate in the House of Commons ended in London, the good old Tornado GR planes took to the air from the Royal Air Force base in Akrotiri. Direction: Iraq, with 250 kg laser or GPS guided bombs, Paveway IVs, under the wings. The advantage of this base is its positioning. Via Turkey, it takes only an hour to reach northern Iraq. And if it is geographically located on the island of Cyprus, it is under British sovereignty (in other words London does what it pleases).


The 2 Tornado They led " of operations of recognition on areas de iraq confirmed the British Ministry of Defense. They were resupplied in flight by an RAF Voyager (A330 MRTT) tanker. « There were no targets identified requiring a air attack immediate View our planes ». Most linformation collected by monitoring equipment Tornado's will be very valuable for the Iraqi authorities and our coalition partners to better understand the device of theHEAT and determinesr potential targets for future operations ».


The tactical advantage of these flights also lies elsewhere according to the British military. “ La présence air force of the coalition in Iraq has a significant impact on the efforts of HEAT. not having no means of defense effective against air strikes, and knowing the precision with which planes of the coalition peut hit them, the terrorists are obliged to be much more cautious, keeping their forces scattered et reducing their movements. They know that if they concentrate for launch an attack salary. Iraqi troops ou Kurds, planes are likely to happen on your mind shortly after »


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