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Latest news from EU Peacekeeping Missions (CSDP) – June 2014


(Credit: EUPOL RD Congo)

Kinshasa (DR Congo) Knowledge check for the Congolese national police.

The European Union police mission, EUPOL RD Congo, organized – in collaboration with the Congolese National Police (PNC) – an evaluation and refresher session on the maintenance and restoration of public order. Nearly 60 trainers from the National Intervention Legion (LNI) and the “East” and “West” Kinshasa Mobile Intervention Groups (GMIs) of the PNC benefited from this training from May 19 to June 14, 2014. This session aimed to monitor the lessons previously given by the experts of the EUPOL mission on peacekeeping in order to ensure that these functions are truly assimilated by the trainers of the Congolese National Police. This “monitoring” – provided by three French trainers from the CRS (Republican Security Companies) – also made it possible to contribute to the standardization of intervention techniques and working methods between the national and territorial units of the PNC specialized in area of ​​law enforcement.

(Credit EUPOL Afghanistan)
(Credit EUPOL Afghanistan)

Kabul (Afghanistan) “Inside” the National Police Coordination Center

At the Afghan Ministry of Interior, all Afghan security forces aided by EUPOL members controlled security for election day (June 14). The general and deputy minister for security, Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, and the head of the EUPOL mission, Karl Ake Roghe, were – on election day – inside the command center – keeping an eye on everything. Under the command of General Salangi, dozens of people from the police, army, and mission members were present to ensure that election day went off without incident. For Karl Ake Roghe, was “ impressed with the professional management (of the Afghans). They were in full control of the situation, they showed real leadership ».

(Credit EUCAP Nestor) EUCAP Nestor Medal Award
(Credit EUCAP Nestor) EUCAP Nestor Medal Award

Djibouti (Djibouti). Medal ceremony for EUCAP Nestor

18 EUCAP Nestor staff members received the European Security and Defense Policy Service Medal for their services during a ceremony held at EUCAP Nestor headquarters in Djibouti on Wednesday June 11. The awards were presented by EUCAP mission leader Nestor. “ With this ceremony, we also want to pay tribute to our three colleagues, injured in the terrorist attack in Djibouti on May 24, They should have been with us today and should have been standing in the ranks,” said the head of the mission, Etienne de Poncins, during a speech in the presence of Admiral Bob Tarrant, commander of the EU anti-piracy operation EUNAVFOR Atalanta visiting Djibouti and the ambassador of the EU delegation in Djibouti, Joseph Silva. This medal is an international military decoration awarded to individuals, both military and civilian, who have served in Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) missions for more than 30 days. The tradition was established by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Defense Policy in 2003.

(Credit EUBAM Libya)
(Credit EUBAM Libya) Training of Libyan Coast Guards.

Malta. Training for the Libyan Coast Guard

The European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya – EUBAM Libya – is providing 4-week search and rescue (SAR) training for 11 Libyan sailors and coast guards until June 28, 2014. This follows , to a one-month training of the maritime brigade of the Maltese armed forces supported by EUBAM Libya. Based in Malta, the Libyan Coast Guard carried out a series of training on maritime security and safety during the month of May. Objective: to put in place procedures to conduct a compliant boarding and be able to defend yourself if the situation escalates. This training is part of overall training provided by EUBAM Libya to its Libyan counterparts.

See: Video training course for the Libyan coastguards (Credit EUBAM Libya).

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Blood donation for EUFOR

Members of the EUFOR Althea mission participated in a blood donation – in the Butmir camp – on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day (organized by the World Health Organization on Saturday June 14). EUFOR medical advisor Major Radoslav Ivanov helped organize the donation with available medical staff and recalls that “ all donors had to pass a preliminary medical examination to ensure their blood was suitable before starting ».

(Information collected by Jérémy Cauderlier st.)

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