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Anthem: abandon Beethoven and adopt Arno?

ArnoT_76842_177308(BRUXELLES2) On this day of the music festival, shouldn't we take care to adapt the European anthem, a little old-fashioned for my taste. Not to change the air - which if it is not inscribed in the marble of the Treaties - has a virtue - to symbolize the European soul - but to find a version a little more catchy, a little singing, a little more festive?

Of course theBeethoven's Ode to Joy, taken from a poem by Friedrich Von Schiller, has the advantage of being wordless, of circumventing the thorny issue of language, and of adapting well to official, heavy and stuffy ceremonies. But the Wagnerian atmosphere that characterizes this aria—the symphony was dedicated to the King of Prussia—the classical conception of the music prevents popular enthusiasm from overflowing.

So why not rely on this famous piece of Arno, the singer from Ostend (Belgium). When he was in the group TC matics, he had taken up this hymn to the joy of Beethoven, by spicing it up with disheveled guitars, with words, sentience: "Damn damn, it's really good, we are still, all Europeans" (song also covered by the Swiss Stephan Eicher).

It's not really rocket science to translate into all 23 languages. And anyone who has never seen a room teetering, full to bursting with young and old, tapping their feet to the notes of Beethoven and screaming to make the windows shake, must go immediately to one of the next concerts of Arno. He will then understand that to vibrate on a classic tune, it's simple, you just have to make it... more rock.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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