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The nuclear summit in The Hague under high protection

Chinook helicopter on the tarmac. (Dutch Ministry of Defense)
Chinook helicopter on the tarmac. (Dutch Ministry of Defense)

(B2) The Dutch army has mobilized no less than 8000 soldiers - army, navy - air force - to ensure the protection of the summit on nuclear security, which takes place in The Hague from Monday and Tuesday (March 24 and 25) . We never know !

Aerial surveillance...

5 Apache attack helicopters, 4 Puma transport helicopters and 2 Army Chinook mega-helicopters were put on alert from Friday not far from the 'Soldier of Orange' theater where the conference will take place, on the former Valkenburg naval air base. They complete the 8 police helicopters already mobilized. In the air, two F-16s fly over The Hague permanently, relayed and assisted by KDC-10 tankers. On the air bases of Volkel and Leeuwarden have reinforcements ready... "just in case".

... and maritime

Near the coast, the Zr frigates patrol. Ms. De Zeven Provinciën and a little further offshore the Zr. Ms. Holland and Friesland, each equipped with the NH-90 maritime helicopter. To complete the whole, missile batteries were installed. " We we are ready to ward off all threats “, detailed Colonel Théo Kustner. 4.000 soldiers have been assigned to reinforce the police to monitor borders and airports.

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

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