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The Commander of the Black Sea Fleet... blacklisted!

(credit: Russian Defense Ministry)
(credit: Russian Defense Ministry)

(BRUSSELS2) The 28 Foreign Ministers today decided to blacklist 21 Russian and Ukrainian personalities (mainly from Crimea). These restrictive measures (freezing of assets and banning visas in the European Union) are taken " against persons responsible for actions that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, as well as persons and entities associated with them,” reads the statement from the European Union.. " 21 people have been identified and are subject to (this) ban ».

The penalties will enter “in force today, once the legislative acts including the list of data subjects have been published in the Official Journal of the EU”. Which should be done very quickly,” during this afternoon a European diplomat told B2. Read our detailed analysis in the Club: Crimea: 21 Russian and Ukrainian personalities on EU blacklist

Among these names, according to our information, could be the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Vice-Admiral Aleksandr Vitko, well known to readers of this blog for having been one of the architects of the blocking of Ukrainian ships both in Sevastopol but also further north on Lake Donuszlav (read: Touched, sunk, blocked. Russian naval engineers strike). NB: this name has been confirmed on the list published in the Official Journal. as well as that of Admiral Deniz Berezovskiy who had been appointed head of the Ukrainian navy by the new power in kyiv before leaving office and pledging allegiance to the Crimean authorities.

We are now awaiting Russian retaliatory measures which will not be long in coming, according to indications from the Kremlin, which has always promised to "respond in a symmetrical way" to possible European measures.

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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  • sword strokes in the water… We show our muscles… which in fact don't even exist. Measures are taken against unimportant people, while the ripe Crimean fruit falls into the Russian basket. Besides, it was normal, because Crimea has always been Russian and even the state of Ukraine was in fact part of Russia forever. The semi-independence acquired since 1993 is not supported by the population (more than half Russian). And Europe must decide: either it recognizes the referendum in Crimea, or it also condemns the separation of Kosovo (which, on the other hand, has never been Albanian)…

  • Bonsoir
    What about personnel transfers between Earth and the ISS?
    Today, only Russia is capable of it!

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