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The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired. not a good sign

paratrooper of the 80th Brigade on exercise in the Lviv region (credit: Ukrainian army)
paratrooper of the 80th Brigade on exercise in the Lviv region (credit: Ukrainian army)

(BRUSSELS2) The ousting of the chief of staff of the Ukrainian armies by Viktor Iaounoukovitch is indeed not a sign of appeasement. One could even say the opposite. Especially since it is accompanied by troop movements and the implementation of the anti-terrorist law which means that the phase of repression is not over.

A "constitutional" general

Speaking before his troops a few days ago, General Volodymyr Zamana had - under cover of a very firm speech - placed the army in a position of strict neutrality, arguing the necessary respect for the Constitution, and calling on his troops to not give in to calls from both sides to intervene in the political life of the country. In a way, as we wrote, he refused that the army leave its duty of reserve (Read: The army will not participate in a coup d'etat. But the state of emergency hovers).

A takeover

A message that apparently did not please the main leader of the country who decided today to replace him with the head of the navy, Admiral Yurii Ilyin. In reality, it is rather a direct takeover by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Iaounoukovitch, himself who seems to be looming. The 80th parachute brigade is also on maneuvers in the "peacekeeping" training center located in the oblast (region) of Lviv, one of the strongholds of opponents of the regime! An exercise thatruns on a schedule planned" in advance, we swear to the Ministry of Defense...

Anti-terrorism law enforcement and special powers

Another worrying point, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has decided to enforce the "anti-terrorist" law. Announced objective: stop extremism and illegal actions of radical groups that threaten the lives of millions of Ukrainians, protect civilians and prevent a civil war in Ukraine ". A law that allows the Armed Forces of Ukraine "in the area of ​​counter-terrorist operations" to use " weapons and other special means, apprehending and translating perpetrators of offenses or who are about to commit other acts, verifying the identity documents of citizens or officials, and in the absence of to hold them for identification, to search the vehicles, to temporarily restrict or prohibit the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians on the streets and roads”, etc. In short, it is the application of special powers. Protesters of all kinds can be called "terrorists".

(Nicolas Gros-Verheyde)

Nicolas Gros Verheyde

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