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Local combat training for the Balanzan Battalion

A European trainer and a Malian soldier progress through the streets of the "Ghost City" combat village (Credits: EUTM Mali)
A European trainer and a Malian soldier progress through the streets of the "Ghost City" combat village (Credits: EUTM Mali)

(BRUSSELS2) The companies of the fourth Malian battalion, formed by the European mission EUTM Mali, have started specialized training at the Koulikoro training camp. The 1reinfantry company of GTIA 4 thus continued at the end of January the acquisition of fundamental and specific know-how of the infantryman through local combat training from individual to group level.

This training allows Malian soldiers to understand combat in a multidimensional environment where civilians, soldiers and enemies can be  "nested". All the scenarios implemented take into account “people” or situations that they could come into contact with during their deployment: friendly and enemy forces and civilians, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), journalists, human losses, etc.

Training supplemented by Humanitarian Law 

Urban areas are, by definition, densely populated. Training in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) plays an important role in the training of GTIAs, practical exercises are therefore prepared by European instructors and integrated into the training so that Malian soldiers put their knowledge of IHL into practice. The experience of European trainers in this type of situation and the infrastructures available to the European training mission for the Malian armed forces contribute to providing comprehensive training through realistic situations.

Leonor Hubaut

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