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Afghanistan: a new National Police Academy 

The new premises of the Afghan National Police Academy and the Afghan National Police Crime Management College for the Ministry of the Interior were officially opened on February 2. It was the EU ambassador to the country, Franz – Michael Mellbin, who handed over the keys to the Afghan authorities. The investment of 13 million euros will facilitate the acquisition of strong professional leadership skills among senior Afghan police officers as well as more effective and updated crime prevention and investigation measures. For Thomas Stabler, head of the EUPOL training component, this investment is essential. “The Police Academy will allow Afghan citizens to have a police service that they expect, that they deserve and of which they can be proud.”

Georgia: meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism. The concrete difficulties of residents on both sides of the “administrative demarcation” line at stake

(Credits: EUMM Georgia)
(Credit: EUMM Georgia)

The 41st follow-up meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IRPM) took place in Ergneti on January 21. Toivo Klaar, head of the European Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM Georgia), and the participants discussed various very concrete issues facing local communities on the ground, with the presence of fences along the “demarcation line administrative” (ABL). They also examined detentions that have taken place since December 2013 such as problems related to electricity and water supply, as well as pollution of agricultural land. Next meeting: February 27, 2014.

Niger: "The press facing security challenges"

This is the title of the international workshop organized by the civilian mission EUCAP Sahel, jointly with the United States Embassy in Niger, in Niamey on January 28 and 29, 2013. The African journalists present were joined by several international journalists like Giovanni Porzio and Eduardo Cué and David Lewis, deputy director of the Reuters regional bureau. The initiative, which brought together for the first time the armed forces and the independent press, gave rise to “ to frank debates which will allow the improvement of relations and the knowledge of reciprocal requirements in official terms.

Djibouti: New vehicles for EUCAP Nestor

(Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)The European Union civilian mission in the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean (EUCAP Nestor) received two armored vehicles last week. Arriving at the port of Mombasa, stopover for their final destination Mogadishu, the vehicles were then transported to Djibouti by the French ship FS Siroco, flagship of the European anti-piracy operation (EUNAVFOR Atalanta). Rear-Admiral Hervé Bléjean, commander of the European force, considers this delivery as a “ example showing the increase in cooperation and dynamics of European operations in the region ».

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