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Latest piracy news (February 1, 2014)


Second patrol for the Hetman Sahaydachnyi

The Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaydashnyi finished his second patrol in the mandate of EUNAVFOR Atalanta during which he notably carried out “ several visits and “friendly” approaches from small vessels »fishing or commerce, we learned from the Ukrainian navy. After a stopover at the end of January in the port of Djibouti for logistical support, refueling and maintenance procedures, she headed for the port of Salalah (Sultanate of Oman).

The Dutch frigate taking over for Ocean Shield

The Dutch frigate Evertsen left its home port of Den Helder last Sunday (26 January) for the Gulf of Aden, as part of NATO's anti-piracy operation (Ocean Shield). She should arrive in the area next week. On board is an NH90 helicopter as well as a Marine Corps boarding team. The Netherlands has regularly provided a ship since 2008 in operations off the coast of Somalia against pirates, either under NATO or under the EU.

The Evertsen at full speed (credit: Dutch Navy)
The Evertsen launched at full speed (credit: Dutch Navy)

Le Francesco Mimbelli crosses the Suez Canal

An Italian destroyer just precedes its Dutch counterpart. the Francesco Mimbelli, passed the Suez Canal on January 29 and entered the waters of the Red Sea to participate in the “Ocean Shield” mission, announced the Italian Navy General Staff. He left the Taranto naval base on January 18. On board a crew of 330 men and women, including the air group detachment (for the helicopter), marine riflemen from San Marco and a commando from the marine special forces (Comsubin or Comando Subacqueo Incursori).

The Mimbelli in the Suez Canal (credit: Italian Navy)
The Mimbelli in the Suez Canal
(credit: Italian Navy)

Rotation of EUNAVFOR Atalanta surveillance and aerial patrol teams 

The European mission to combat piracy in the Horn of Africa has a new surveillance and air patrol team. The 33rd relief was carried out by the Spanish Maritime Air Patrol and Reconnaissance Forces (MPRA in English) in the skies of Djibouti on January 23, 2014. In addition to maritime reconnaissance, the MPRA is used for search and rescue missions. . The mission of pilots and maintenance personnel lasts two months. From the Palma de Mallorca military base, the 32nd rotation team carried out 25 flights and accumulated more than 200 flight hours.

(Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)
The 44 members of the Spanish MPRA (Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)

We refuel…

Three ships from the European counter-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia (EUNAVFOR Somali) refueled with the American ship USNS Joshua Humphreys. THE TCD Siroco, FGS Hessen and l'ESPS Tornado thus arranged to meet in the Somali basin to resupply. The previous day isITS Libeccio who was able to benefit from the “floating pump” of the Joshua Humprheys.

(Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)
Simultaneous refueling of two Eunavfor Somalia ships (Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)


Fire drill in Djibouti

On January 15, the port of Djibouti was the scene of the training of 20 coastguards and Somali soldiers in firefighting. EUCAP Nestor civilian mission trainers were accompanied by a team from the German frigate FGS Hessen, ship of the European counter-piracy mission EUNAVFOR Somalia, which hosted the exercise. Following a theoretical briefing, the European trainers carried out a demonstration. The Djiboutian Coast Guard put the training into practice in a real exercise.

 (Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)

Meeting of the ESPS Tornado with Korean officers

Le Lieutenant Commander Juan Belizon, at the helm of the Spanish ship ESPS Tornado, welcomed on Tuesday January 14 the captain Choi Sung-Mok, commander of the South Korean ship participating in the American-led CMF operation to combat piracy in the Horn of Africa. The two commanders agreed on the need to continue to collaborate to avoid an increase in piracy. Commander Belizon assured “ that there is no doubt that when we work together, we are stronger, which makes hacker attacks more difficult. This operation gives us a unique opportunity to get to know ships from all over the world, and to have a better understanding of their operations. »

(Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)
The commander of the ESPS Tornado visits his Korean counterparts during his visit to Salalah (Credits: EUNAVFOR Somalia)

(information compiled by Nicolas Gros-Verheyde and Leonor Hubaut)

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