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“F…, the word” acquires citizenship, diplomatic (Update)

Victoria Nuland, aka Fucking Victoria! (credit: US State Department)
Victoria Nuland, aka Fucking Victoria! (credit: US Department of State)

(BRUSSELS2) It is one of the most pronounced words today in Brussels. “Fuck” or “F… the word” as a diplomat calls it.

Fuck the word “trending today”

The word of the Deputy Secretary of State for Europe (*), Victoria Nuland, on the European Union (Fuck the EU), is today on everyone's lips and in every conversation in Brussels (read: When Victoria “fucks” Europe. Or Cow Friendship). The level of buzz is such that it is giving back its letters of nobility, to a word often spoken at low masses, or in compulsive irritation, or even habitually by certain fans of frank speaking. Not a meeting, not a press conference where we do not ask the opinion of one, a reaction of the other. And certainly, all the foreign ministers, who meet on Monday in Brussels, will be tested on their knowledge of this term. A Briton, however, denied that it was a term often used in diplomatic corridors. “ It’s still a very strong term. » he specifies, a bit amused by the situation.

“fuck US”? No way !

Two days before the meeting of Foreign Ministers, a senior European diplomat had to answer, for long minutes, a dozen questions from journalists – British and American but also of other nationalities – to find out the reaction after “F … the word” ; each being more interested than in substance. However, he stuck to a single course of action: “no comment”. Even to my question as to whether the correct answer was “Fuck US”, he was careful not to go into that area, “ This may be your answer. Not ours »… All accompanied by a broad, ironic smile, thus showing that he did not intend to fall into the journalistic “trap” consisting of responding to the United States, but also that this mini-controversy was, in so refreshing….

A “no comment”, with a big smile

At the European Commission, it is the same line of conduct. We don't want to respond either and increase the embarrassment of the Americans. The European Commission will not no comment » on this kind of « communications intercepted on principle”, explained Pia Ahrenkilde, Commission spokesperson, also all smiles. And to add more seriously, wanting to return to the basic subject. “ Our concern is elsewhere, on the ground, to assist the Ukrainians on the ground, to find solutions for Ukraine. It's up to the Ukrainians to decide. But we are here to assist them »

The method, illicit, condemned

Although no comments are made, the European Commission has nevertheless condemned, quite discreetly, the method used. “ Interception of private communications is not part of our toolbox to help Ukraine ". And to add, on a question from B2: “ These kinds of methods are not ours.” The European Commission, however, refuses to go further and identify the origin of these “interceptions”. The spokesperson refused to say more, also refusing to “ comment on the security measures (that are) in place”, in order to mitigate or prevent these leaks.

(Update) A certain family tradition of contempt for Europeans

This “word” does not seem to be cited inadvertently. In addition to its familiarity – more regular than one might think in diplomatic and ministerial circles, once the doors are closed – it reflects a singular American contempt for the European Union which was not born in Ukraine. We must remember that Victoria Nuland is none other than the wife of Robert Kagan, the author of the formula “Americans are from Mars while Europeans are from Venus” in an article published in 2002 “Power and Weakness” thus opposing the Gods of War and Love

(*) Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs

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